Payment Policy

Payment Policies for Sponsored Guest Posts on this ( website.Submission and Approval Process:

Submission and Approval Process

  • Interested sponsors should submit their guest post proposals to the website’s designated email ([email protected] / [email protected]) addresses.
  • The website will review the proposal and determine its suitability for publication.
  • If the proposal is accepted, the sponsor will receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Content Guidelines:

  • Sponsored guest posts should align with the website’s niche, target audience, and editorial standards.
  • Posts should be original, well-written, and provide value to readers.
  • Content must not be overly promotional or contain excessive links to the sponsor’s website.

Payment Options:

  • The website offers different payment options for sponsored guest posts, including fixed rates or negotiated fees.
  • The payment amount will depend on factors such as post length, complexity, and the website’s traffic and influence.
  • The sponsor and the website will agree upon the payment terms and conditions before proceeding with publication.

Payment Schedule:

  • The website requires payment in advance or before the publication of the sponsored guest post.
  • Payment should be made within 24 hours timeframe as per this policy. If not received the post/link will be deactivated without any prior notice. Restoration fully on the discretion of the website.
  • In some cases, the website may consider payment upon publication, but this arrangement needs prior approval.

Payment Methods:

  • The website accepts various payment methods, including bank transfers, UPI and PayPal only.
  • The sponsor and the website will discuss and finalize the preferred payment method during the negotiation phase.

Refunds and Cancellations:

  • Once the sponsored guest post is published, no refunds will be issued.
  • In the event of a cancellation or non-publication due to circumstances beyond the sponsor’s control, the website may consider rescheduling or offering an alternative solution.

Disclosure and Sponsored Content:

  • The website follows ethical guidelines and discloses sponsored content as per legal and industry requirements.
  • Sponsored guest posts will be clearly marked and identified as such to maintain transparency with readers.

It’s important to note that these payment policies are general guidelines, and specific terms and conditions may vary between different websites or publications. It is advisable for sponsors to communicate directly with the website and clarify any additional questions or concerns regarding the payment process for the sponsored guest posts. #khabarlive