Craving a hot drink? Here, have some tea; this is the most common thing most of us hear. It has a constant presence in our daily routine. Tea making is an art, a parameter that tea lovers use to judge others. The bond between a tea and tea lover is eternal. It’s not something that everyone can understand.

These people can have tea with breakfast, lunch and dinner and not complain. “I need a large mug of tea, first thing in the morning. I cannot function without it,” says Neha, a resident in the city. “It keeps me fresh and active throughout,” she adds.

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Earlier, people enjoyed full cream tea so much that they used to consume 3-4 cups of it in a day. This habit has taken such deep roots that they tend to take offence, if asked to cut down or watch their tea intake. “I’ve been drinking tea 3-4 times a day for many years and I don’t want to give it up even now,” says Sharada, a homemaker in the city.

For some, it has become an addiction of sorts. But, with increasing awareness, society is realising that excess tea can be harmful and has started to try and control their tea cravings. Even then, it is very surprising to see various alternatives for full cream tea popping up and how a gradual shift is being seen; full cream tea, thrice a day to daily once; from regular tea to green/honey/lemon tea etc.

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Seeing the society’s acceptance to these new healthy tea options, tea brand and cafes all over the city have started coming up with various herbal and fruit tea options, infusions of various fruit flavours and incorporating them into tea etc. Blooming tea is one of the newest additions to this list. It contains few dried leaves and flower, wrapped together like a bundle. Once it is added to the hot water, the flower starts to bloom, giving it a very nice aesthetic look.

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“There has been a healthy shift in the tea drinking habits of the people, says Mohammed Taiyebi, manager at Finjaan, The Tea Lounge, Banjara Hills.“People are opting for herbal, fruit tea over the regular options. But, the fact remains that, it’s the health conscious people who go for these kinds of tea flavours. The others usually avoid it because of its bitter taste,” he adds. #KhabarLive