Hyderabadis have been making the switch to organic, healthy laddus made with the goodness of ghee and jaggery and without artificial colours and preservatives.

When it comes to traditional Indian sweets, laddu is the favourite for most of us. But every time we try to sneak in and eat that extra laddu from the box, we are glared at by our loved ones who are concerned about our health.

What if we told you laddus can be healthy too?

From Millets Mania and Wholesome Grains Laddubox to Kid O’ Joy Laddubox and from Fitness Freak Laddubox to She Power Laddubox, a new Hyderabad-based startup named Laddu Box is offering its customers a variety of nutritious laddus that are made with ragi, coconut, oats, flax seeds, peanuts, dry fruits foxtail millets and a lot more.

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Lately, a large number of Hyderabadis have been making the switch to these healthy laddus made with the goodness of ghee and jaggery and without artificial colours and preservatives. And what’s more, they are priced reasonably too – with prices ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 350.

Laddubox was even selected for the acceleration programme for WE-Hub. “My wife Kavitha and I began this start-up in December 2019,” informs Saandeep Jogiparti.

“We were offline before, did some market research for two to three months and got a good response from customers. Due to the pandemic, we had to stop the business for a couple of months and slowly resumed it online from last May. We are operating as a cloud kitchen since then,” adds the young entrepreneur, who gets 90 per cent of his orders through his website ‘laddubox.in’.

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In the near future, Saandeep plans on extending his business to different locations in the city through food delivery apps such as Swiggy and Zomato. “Our whole concept is to sell laddus that are free of sugar and highly nutritious. We are planning to expand our product range by diving into the business of baked chips as well, as namkeen is the perfect combination for laddus.

We also have plans to make sweets with natural sweeteners for people who are diabetic as they cannot consume too much of jaggery as well,” Saandeep shared, who holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and had quit his IT job after working for four years and started working on his passion.

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“Initially, I was a bit sceptical as my product was just laddu. People around me were also not sure if my business would click as I had a limited product range – just 12 varieties of laddus.

Nevertheless, I’m happy with the response as I reached more than 1,500 different customers in a short span of time,” said Saandeep, adding that Indian snacks are far more delicious and nutritious than protein bars and western snacks. #KhabarLive #hydnews