From the foamy and comforting Dalgona coffee to the evergreen Banana bread – there has been no shortage of unexplored recipes to try recently. As 2020 marks an end, we have seen the birth of yet another Insta-worthy and visually attractive trend: Tsunami cakes.

The Tsunami cake or the Pull-Me-Up cake craze on Instagram isn’t your typical baked invention, instead, it comes with an aspect of wonder which may surprise you further expectation!

The process of making a Tsunami cake begins just like any other cake – with layers of cake sandwiching a mouthwatering buttercream frosting.

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Regardless, the twist arrives in the presentation. Rather than being encircled on all sides with a smooth icing layer, the icing is made barely liquid in order for it to flow. Some cornstarch along with milk should do the gimmick to get the right texture of the icing. After this, the cake is clad with a layer of acetate or plastic cake wrap from all sides for the liquid topping to remain contained.

One crucial point to note for the Tsunami cake trend is that the plastic wrap must be taller than the cake so that there is enough space for it to be pulled upwards.

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Then, the frosting is poured on top and comprised in a single layer on top of the cake. When the plastic sheet is ‘pulled up’ is when the magic occurs! The delicious icing falls from the top of the cake to make a fascinating effect and deliver an entirely new appearance to the Tsunami cake trend creation. #KhabarLive #hydnews