One of the most effective ways to gain organic traffic is through blogging and one blogging strategy that is widely utilized by marketers is guest blogging.

It can bring in amazing results in terms of brand reputation and organic traffic, so much so that 60 percent of blog sites write one to five guest posts per month. When executed the right way, it’s an invaluable content marketing asset that any business can’t overlook. However, make sure you’re getting or giving quality guest post services to avoid getting penalized by search engines.

What is Guest Blogging?
Guest blogging, also known as guest posting, is a form of content marketing and SEO strategy that involves writing and publishing a blog on another website. The goal of guest blogging is to gain brand exposure and target new audiences from the website that it collaborated with. More than that, it’s also an effective way to increase backlinks or inbound links and boost a website’s ranking on search engines.

Informative blogs or websites that aim to educate encourage guest postings because not only does it give the publishers or websites free content, it also allows them to continue supplying their audience with quality reads. However, both the publisher and the guest blogger should have demonstrated their legitimacy and the quality of the content because Google gives penalties to those who don’t abide by the Webmaster Guidelines, as with other search engines as well.

What are the Goals of Guest Blogging?
Before reaching out to websites, including guest posting in your agenda, hiring content writers and link builders, you should first understand the goals of guest blogging, and how it can contribute to a digital marketing strategy. Here are some of the main uses of guest blogging and why it can be a very lucrative investment.

Backlinks. Guest blogging is an effective way of getting backlinks from authoritative websites back to your website. Links can be inserted in different areas of the post, it’s often put alongside the author bio. Internal links can either be ‘do-follow’ or ‘no-follow’. Do-follow links are links that are discoverable by search engines and it can help you get indexed as well. Meanwhile, no-follow links are those that tell search engines to ‘not visit’ your site. It brings little value as it doesn’t increase your page ranking.

Increased Brand Reputation and Mentions. Since the goal of guest blogging is to post to as many reputable sites as possible, having a brand’s name associated with those sites is a huge boost in reputation. Not to mention, they will promote the content to their followers and readers as well.

Increased Website Rankings. Backlinks are considered to be one of the main ranking factors that search engines like Google use to recommend a website to searchers. Alongside proper SEO hygiene and a responsive web design. It’s crucial to secure these factors so that users can find your site, as that will mean more traffic and more sales over time.

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Increased Domain Authority. Guest posting is a great way to increase domain authority which is determined by how huge and authoritative a website’s backlink portfolio is. Domain authority or DA is a grading system by Moz that measures how well a website is likely to rank on search engines. The scoring goes from 0-100, with 100 being the highest.

Social Media Shares. Quality and engaging content will most likely gain shares from readers who find them interesting and valuable.

Lead Generation. If an article is interesting and useful enough, it not only promotes you as an industry leader but it can engage readers and get them clicking on the links you provide, funneling them down to your site.

This is why it’s important to know who your readers are and to conduct proper keyword research as well as plan the goal of your guest blogging campaign. Analyzing these can help you determine the content that the audience will most likely be drawn to and engage with.

Conversions and Sign-ups. Following lead generation, if the landing page and website are positioned to convert those who have been funneled down from the guest blog back to the original website, then you’ll have no problem converting them into new clients. It’s for this reason that web design services and SEO services work closely with each other. Your guest posting effort is moot if you have a website that’s not ready to convert all the users transported back to it.

What is Blog Outreach?
Blog outreach is the process of looking for websites to collaborate with and submitting a guest post on that website with the aim of promoting a page from your business website. This is done by strategically choosing an anchor text and an effective landing page, then posting on a website with the same audience as you’re targeting.

Why is Guest Blogging Important for Businesses?
Guest blogging or guest posting is important for businesses because it builds authority and credibility. As mentioned above, backlinks are used by Google to rank a website. The more inbound links a business website accumulates, the more credible it becomes for search engines, provided that the links are coming from reputable sources as well. For example, a sunglasses company wants to promote its ‘prescription sunglasses’ page. They have to target websites that have readers who can pass for their target market, then post blogs on those websites with links to the target page which is the ‘prescription glasses’. The more authoritative a website, the higher the quality of the link, and the more search engines will prioritize and recommend the page to searchers.

Another aspect of the business that guest blogging builds is brand authority. If a brand or company is seen sharing their knowledge, then they’re viewed as industry leaders or a figure of authority. The reputation is heightened when they’re seen alongside other authority figures or brands with big names since readers automatically position them in the same category. If it’s a new brand that’s able to guest post on a major website, then that brand has already started positioning itself as an industry leader by associating with the website.

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Also, featuring guest blogs on websites will also help gain fresh content which will then engage long time readers. Some websites fall into a routine of writing the same material, so featuring guest posts is a healthy way of always producing something new from a different point of view.

How Does Guest Blogging Benefit SEO?
There’s more to guest blogging than its marketing benefits. It’s also a great way to boost SEO through backlinks. Backlinks or inbound links are links that come from one website to another. Backlinks main ranking factors for search engines like Google. In other words, they use it to determine if a website is valuable enough to recommend to users. The more inbound links a specific page of a website gathers, the more Google sees it as voting that it’s a credible page, worthy of being placed on top of the search engine results pages (SERPS).

You can learn if a website is in need of backlinks by conducting an SEO audit, a method you use to analyze a website’s performance. Learning how to do an SEO audit will give you insight into what the strengths and weaknesses of a website are and implement the proper action to have the website perform at its best.

The result will give you data on how many links are linking to your website. Diving deeper, you can check which links are sourced from quality sites or which link can cause you a penalty. For more intensive tasks like these, you can get SEO services or link building services, especially if you’re handling multiple websites or accounts.

An important reminder when it comes to guest posting is to create quality content that points to a page you want to rank and post on authoritative websites. There are things you have to fix as well, like making sure that the landing pages are optimized for conversion. This way, when a user reads a guest post and clicks on a link that sends them to your target page, they will continue to engage with your site’s content and then convert.

You can discuss guest blogging initiatives with your SEO consultant. They will explain in detail how this will improve your website performance and your internet marketing efforts as a whole.

How Does Guest Blogging Work?
Guest blogging works by finding the right audience, writing fresh and relevant content, and applying proper SEO and link building strategy. It might sound easy enough, but if you’re just starting to get your feet wet, then there will be a lot of outreach trials and errors. It involves a lot of work, even for link building professionals who are already equipped with the best SEO tools.

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Wrapping it Up
Done the right way and with the right outreach strategy, guest blogging is a powerful way to rake in leads or those readers who matter and can be converted into clients. However, if executed the wrong way, it’s going to be a waste of effort and resources. It can even put a dent in a brand’s reputation.

Guest blogging is a powerful asset, not just for SEO and content marketing but for your overall digital marketing campaign as well. More eyes on your content translate to more traffic to your site.

Does guest blogging work?
Yes. Guest blogging works. It’s an effective way to gain quality links, quality visitors to your website, and acquiring leads. These will add weight to the value of your website and will have search engines like Google recommending your pages more, causing your rankings to increase.

What is the difference between blogging and guest posting?
Blogging is publishing blogs on your own website and guest posting is writing a blog that’s published on a third party website.

Where can I guest blog?
There are a number of websites accepting guest post submissions. Here are some sites you can try:

-The Huffington Post
#KhabarLive News

Guest posting is an effective way to boost organic traffic and building backlinks so if you feel like you want to amplify your guest posting initiative, you can look into guest posting services and have experts do the work for you.

What is guest blogging in SEO?
Guest blogging in SEO is a way to boost website authority using backlinks coming from third-party websites. The higher the value of the website linking to you is, the higher the pull in terms of website authority. This also influences the amount of traffic going back to your website.

Is guest blogging good for SEO?
Absolutely. Guest blogging affects backlinks and one of the main components of a successful SEO campaign is having quality backlinks. Incoming links or backlinks are major ranking factors that search engines use to decide if a website is reliable and valuable enough to rank.

Note that the type of website that will link to yours is a big deal to search engines like Google. This means that getting a backlink from a reputable site or a nationwide institution is better than getting one from a random blog site. It’s also important to steer clear of shady websites as they are most likely to get your site penalized by Google. #KhabarLive #hydnews