One unavoidable pitfall for administrators, regardless of their individual capabilities and accomplishments, is that some day or the other they will be sacrificed at the altar of efficiency.

This is done under the mistaken impression that their political bosses are infallible. So, babus do become bakras willy-nilly when things go wrong or do not yield expected results, with courts and tribunals passing strictures against the government.

Following lacunae in the implementation of several initiatives, the Telangana State government, shaken by the High Court’s adverse comments, is seriously thinking of shaking up the administration.

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The High Court’s rebukes in land registration, regularization, building permissions and the like have forced the government to step back. Some of the ‘bright’ ideas that babus occasionally get are at times green-lighted by the state government at jet speed; and, when others down the line do not take it as seriously as the blue-eyed babu or the enthusiastic political boss who finds the idea great and implementable; the so-called initiative may become a millstone around the government’s neck.

In TS too, some of the ‘bright’ ideas of beloved babus have caused major embarrassment to the government, denting the image of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who, believing in the transformative power of the idea, started batting for them prematurely. For instances, issues concerning Pay Revision and the related backlash from government employees; Dharani portal and the bite-back (instead of feedback) from property owners have unnerved the government.

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In several key aspects, the government was found to be on the wrong track, resulting in widespread criticism from the opposition parties and also the general public. Following introspection at the top level, the wreckers-in-chief behind some of the failed initiatives were identified.

The powers that be are now convinced that ‘thokkalo ideas’ given by a couple of officers have pushed the government into a tight spot. Basing on this, an exercise has been launched to change the composition of the ‘team’ by bringing in new faces.

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A little bird told us that ‘major changes’ will take place after the Nagarjuna Sagar by-poll and hinted that heads may roll at top echelons of the administration. #KhabarLive #hydnews