In present-day politics, does death of a sitting legislator from a constituency also signify the end of the sway of the party holding that seat? The answer seems to be in the affirmative, going by the reversal of fortunes in certain by-polls in TS and the sentiments attached to the upcoming by-polls to the Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency. 

By and large, it appears that by-polls are considered to be not good tidings for parties that hold the seats concerned.  The outcomes of certain by-polls in Telangana since its formation have not been encouraging for parties holding those seats.  Four Assembly seats viz. those of Narayankhed (P Kista Reddy-Congress ), Palair (R Venkata Reddy -Congress ),  Huzur Nagar (N.Uttam Kumar Reddy – Congress ) and Dubbak (S. Ramalinga Reddy -TRS) have seen by-polls in Telangana so far.  Except for Huzurnagar, all the other three by-polls were necessitated by the sudden deaths of sitting members, and the parties holding those seats lost them. The ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti had a mixed bag, considering it won three seats and lost one!

Now, what would happen in Nagarjuna Sagar by-polls?  Had TRS decided to field a person from the deceased member’s family, the influence of opposition candidate Jana Reddy may have outweighed the sympathy factor.

One more by-election is impending at Vemulavada of the combined Karimnagar district of Telangana. Its sitting member (TRS) Chennamaneni Ramesh Babu, whose citizenship has been challenged in the court of law, is awaiting judgment soon. By-election will be inevitable in the event of his disqualification as he is presently holding German citizenship! Since there is no chance to cash in on voter sympathy, it may be difficult for the ruling party to retain the seat.

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Bringing PV’s daughter into electoral fray is simply taking a leaf out of the copybook of Chandrababu Naidu.  During the last Assembly elections in TS, Naidu pitted Suhasini, daughter of former minister Nandamuri Hari Krishna, against TRS in Kukatpally seat with view to using the influence of NTR’s family on voters.  But the political ploy of Naidu did not yield the desired results! Naidu had to face criticism that he had made her a scapegoat, following TDP’s defeat by 46,000 votes!

If the TRS manages to do well in MLC polls by using the clout of PV, it may give the pink party a chance to replicate the same result in the Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency, where the by-poll was necessitated by the demise of ruling party legislator and former Communist leader Nomula Narasimhaiah.  He was floor leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist ) earlier and joined TRS in post-bifurcation scenario. But Congress is on a strong wicket, considering the influence of former CLP leader K. Jana Reddy. Actually TRS had tried its level best to pick its candidate from Jana Reddy’s family with a view to embarrassing the Congress party and blight its electoral prospects. But Jana chose not to trouble his party.

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In the previous election, BJP gave TRS a big shock in the same constituency by defeating its candidate.

The TRS, by picking Vani Devi, former prime minister PV Narasimha Rao’s daughter, for the Mahabubnagar-Rangareddy- Hyderabad Graduates’ constituency seat in MLC polls, has made things difficult for the Congress. In the Graduates’ constituency, youth are predominant and they are unhappy with the government’s attitude on the recently announced recruitment process. Whether PV’s legacy will work for the ruling party is moot question.

Ruling TRS is eying votes of Congress’ sympathisers. PV’s credentials on the T-factor are known. He assisted former prime minister Indira Gandhi, who had outrightly rejected the demand for bifurcation of unified Andhra Pradesh, following people’s sentiments linked to the continuation of unified state which she underlined during her historic address in Parliament on 21st December, 1972.

In contrast, the TRS took birth on the basis of separatist theory and the pink party had criticised those who it believes have been callous towards Telangana region, including PV. In the present changed circumstances, the TRS has to garner votes by using the clout of PV. TRS has pinned its hopes on the Brahmin community for a positive vote, and is expecting such voting to lap up BJP’s votes as the latter’s candidate also hails from the same caste.  Vani’s visit to the Telangana martyrs memorial at Gun Park has been questioned by some sections as her family had made no contribution in two stages of T-movement!

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It may be recalled here that Telangana martyr Srikantha Chary’s mother Sankaramma was given Assembly ticket earlier, but she lost to a mighty Congress candidate. Many persons who had taken part in the T-stir had found fault with TRS leadership for fielding her in Assembly seat, instead of allotting her a seat in Legislative Council that would have assured her a full term in the legislature. Public view is that she was made a scapegoat in electoral politics. Some sections in Telangana society are sure that Vani may go the Sankaramma way.

In any case, TRS will have to go the extra mile for successful implementation of its two pronged strategy: bagging Nagarjuna Sagar seat in by-polls in addition to this MLC seat! #KhabarLive #hydnews