Jewellery has been part of the Indian culture for centuries. From adorning deities in sparkling jewels to gifting gold on special occasions, jewellery has a vivid history in India.

From stolen treasure looted during the British rule to fighting for the Kohinoor, India’s relationship with jewels and sparkles goes back a long way.

Indian women have been wearing jewellery for centuries now. The reasons for wearing sparkling jewellery kept changing with each decade. From the rich to the poor, every woman possesses some form of jewellery they can afford. Jewellery is the sign of beauty and femininity for women, and they love flaunting it at every possible occasion. Designs kept changing with each era and every decade had its own trend. Traditions are not the only reason why Indian women deck themselves up with jewellery, but there are various other factors that are attached to the jewellery.

Women also invest in jewellery as a safety net during the time of crisis due to its value. Women also wear jewellery to accentuate their feminism through gold, silver, and diamonds. The times might have changed, but few traditions and values haven’t.

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It seems that a woman is incomplete without her sparkling jewellery, that reflects her beauty, style, and grace!

Before women started to buy gold, silver, and diamond jewellery online in India, local jewellers were the major players in the market.

Women & Jewellery: An Everlasting Bond

You can never go wrong with diamond-studded sparkling jewellery when it comes to gifting it to a woman. The connection Indian women have with jewellery is not restricted to the golden traditions, but it also has certain scientific significance.

The range of designs and colors of the jewellery differ from one geographic location to another. Each state has its own history, tradition, and culture which are reflected in the jewellery design and even the metal that goes into making a piece of jewellery. Indian women wear jewellery to accentuate their beauty or as a sign of prosperity and love.

Nose Ring: This dainty piece of jewellery is known as a nath and is popular for its unique appearance. It is extremely appealing and accentuates the subtle features of a woman’s face. According to Ayurveda, Nath is considered to be connected with the female’s reproductive organs.

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Alice Diamond Nose Pin, from its collection of sparkling jewellery,is a perfect combination of tradition and style, specially designed for new-age women!

Earrings: Earrings come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From exquisitely designed danglers to delicate studs, there is something for every taste. According to science, the nerve in your ear connects your cervix, brain, and kidney so, by applying the correct amount of pressure on the earlobes, you can boost the health of the kidneys and the bladder.

Necklace: It is believed that women used to wear necklaces close to the heart since it is believed to control emotions and strengthen the bonds of love. Certain stones were known to hold eternal or spiritual powers. The necklace was known as an ornamental collar that brought good luck and warded off the evil eye. Now, it is mostly known for its indisputable beauty with a multitude of designs available.

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Sparkling jewellery like necklaces should illuminate the confidence, and independence in women. Beyza Diamond Necklace serves the purpose right!

Ring: According to ancient texts, women used to wear a ring on certain fingers to attain good health and self-confidence to battle life issues. The nerve of the ring finger is directly connected to the heart according to ancient beliefs. Nowadays, women wear rings of colored stones to suit their clothing and current trends.

Jewellery has had a long journey with a beautiful and glorious history, and some of the designs are inspired by our traditions and even the glamour industry. With the constantly evolving world, the designs of sparkling jewellery keep changing, but the one thing that remains constant is the love for sparkly goodies.

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