The imposed lockdown relaxation time in Hyderabad appears as a super spreader to Corona virus and its variants. Each day from 6 am to 10am, the city bursts into the daily activities, capturing the entire day’s work in a short span of four hours where the Covid-19 rules go for a toss and lockdown protocols are becomes only on papers.

Daily people were seen purchasing and stocking up the essentials, while traders and vendors are smoothly running their business without interruption in 4-hours, while the experts are worried about the people roaming in an undisciplined manner and bustled on roads, shops, vegetable markets, supermarket without wearing masks or maintaining social distance, and rush for leaving for home before the time ends, huge traffic congestion was observed which can increase the chance of spreading the virus.

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Every day the traffic hazards in these hours in the city, and it takes about an hour to clear after the lockdown hours come into force at 10 am. Several commercial areas in the city including Charminar, Moazamjahi Market, Jagdish Market, Abids, Tolichowki, Mehdipatnam, Nampally, Ameerpet, Kukatpally, Panjagutta, Khairatabad, Himayatnagar; the markets are crammed with people during these relaxation hours.

According to the observers, the lockdown implemented at the time of first wave of Covid-19 in 2020 rules were better. Except for selling groceries, vegetables, and other essentials, the remaining were closed, and people were allowed to travel only within the radius of 2 km, and people themselves come out from the home to purchase only essentials. But now in these 4-hours, every establishment is opened, and the people were seen on the roads. “Now, after the relaxation hours even the essentials are closed, and the people who wish to avoid the morning rush, gatherings, and stay safe may also come out to purchase their daily essentials, and may face the Covid threat,” said SeenuGolconda, a social activist.

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It has been observed that the people have been used to waking up early and doing their daily activity till 10 am. They were seen crowding up in showrooms and purchasing even gold, bikes, cars, electronic items within these hours. While in the previous year’s lockdown other establishments were closed and no crowding was observed.

The relaxation hours allowed all commercial activity to run in four hours, which increased the chances to spread of the virus. In several places, overcrowding is observed, and guidelines go for a toss. Like previous year, the GHMC had experimented with the odd-even opening of stores, this can be practice and may reduce the spread of the virus in the open hours,” added SeenuGolconda.

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According to experts after the lifting of lockdown, there is a chance of increasing the cases of the virus. “A large number of people are coming out during the hours in the lockdown and flouting norms, huge gatherings, and no social distancing was observed. And due to lockdown no more testing was conducted. When the lockdown would be lifted there is a chance of reporting a large number of positive cases, which can be a serious threat as the second wave is more severe than the first one,” said an expert. #KhabarLive #hydnews