Despite several blows, brickbats from court and citizens, the KCR government is still behaving careless attitude towards Covid-care.

Medical experts say that Vaccination is the only way to handle the COVID tide. But then, today is the tenth day when Telangana has stopped the vaccination citing no stock. While the other states are vaccinating their citizens even at a slower pace, wonder what is happening in Telangana!

While such serious conditions exist in the state, KCR is completely focused on vendetta politics at his former colleague, Eatala Rajender. This is not the first mistake KCR has committed regarding COVID-19.

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Ever since the COVID second wave surfaced, Telangana Government is accused of letting down the people big time. Telangana is rapped by the high court multiple times for not doing tests as per the WHO guidelines and underreporting the cases and deaths. The numbers showcases in the state bulletins do not correlate with the conditions prevailing in the hospitals and graveyards. The number of requests KTR handling on social media is also a testimony of the serious ground situation.

But the Government continues to paint ‘all is well’ picture leaving people complacent. The central government is making allocations of medicines and other COVID resources basing on the number of cases and the underreporting is making sure that Telangana is losing.

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Meanwhile, This kind of careless behavior when there are signs of anti-incumbency can prove to be dangerous. But then, largely favorable media in the state will ensure facts do not go to the top leadership. But in a democracy, there will be a price for every mistake a Government commits. #KhabarLive #hydnews