The assigned lands row in which former health minister Etela Rajender struck turns to a ugly fight in TRS biggies.

The issue concerning former health minister Eatela Rajender’s alleged encroachment on assigned lands has triggered an ugly verbal duel between Civil Supplies Minister Gangula Kamalakar and Eatela Rajender. Eatela has in fact changed his target: it is no longer Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, but Gangula Kalamalakar now.
Eatela trained his gun Gangula Kamalakar using the harsh word ‘Bidda’. However, Gangula Kamalakar countered with unseemly words against Eatela, telling him ‘Ventruka Kooda Peekalevu’ (you can’t pluck my hairs).

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No doubt, Gangula Kamalakar and Eatela Rajender have not been on good terms for a long time. Yet, they were engaged in what was only cold war all these days. However, the state government’s order for inquiry into alleged encroachment of assigned lands by Eatela Rajender has brought their fight into the open.

The Chief Minister had asked Gangula Kamalakar and a few others (Minister Koppula Eshwar, former MP B Vinod Kumar and others) to handle the Eatela issue. He has directed the other TRS leaders not to speak about the Eatela issue.

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Following these directions, Gangula has been meeting leaders from Eatela’s constituency –Huzurabad – and asking them to prepare for by-elections should Eatela quit the Assembly and the TRS party.

Suddenly, Eatela went to his constituency and conducted a press meet in the morning and warned Gangula, using harsh words. Eatela said that Gangula would not be there after the 2023 elections. Gangula transformed the Karimnagar district into a burial ground, Eatela alleged. He further said that Gangula had been harassing the people of Huzurabad.

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Interestingly, Eatela didn’t criticize the Chief Minister or any other TRS leader, except Gangula Kamalakar. However, Gangula Kamalakar too conducted a press conference later day and countered with strong words.  He said Eatela would not be able to bear if he chided Eatela personally. Gangula said that he too would start criticizing Eatela personally henceforth.

Both Etela Rajender and Gangula Kamalakar are BCs. The fight is seen as one between two BCs. #KhabarLive #hydnews