When the uproar and unrest dominates in citizens on the decision of reopening of all schools in Telangana, government should rethink and review the decision taken. Delay in review always raises the question: Is the State government being reckless, negligent and irresponsible as alleged by the opposition parties in permitting the schools to reopen?

If the behaviour of the people in the State and the ruling party members on day one of unlock who accompanied the chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao during inaugurations of MLAs’ camp office and new office complex of Superintendent of Police is any indication, it is clear that we have not learnt any lessons despite the havoc played by coronavirus during the two waves in last one and a half years.

Recently  the state cabinet made a fervent appeal to the people to maintain Covid protocols like wearing masks and maintaining social distance but it was nowhere to be seen during the inaugurations.

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When this kind of Covid inappropriate behaviour is demonstrated by the leaders, how can we expect the common man to ensure social distancing. This being the situation do we have the moral right to ask him to be a disciplined person? Cannot the political executive demonstrate more matured behaviour?

Experts are saying that third wave is knocking on the doors and if we are not cautious it would become a certainty. The new Delta plus variant they say poses high risk to unvaccinated segment of the society. The country is still struggling to provide vaccination to all. Vaccine for children is yet to come. This being the situation, the decision of the State government to reopen schools certainly appears to be a reckless decision.

Not just the opposition and parents, even the doctors and medical experts feel that time is not appropriate to reopen the schools. They feel that if schools are reopened, children would be at high risk. The Government should have first discussed the issue with experts from medical and education sector before taking a decision. It also wants to conduct carious common entrance examinations. This too is a risky affair, they feel. But the unfortunate trend that has emerged in the country is that all ruling parties look treat opposition as demons.

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Despite the two waves which had shaken the people and the economy of the country, fortunately children by and large remained safe. Agreed that it has been nearly a year and a half since children across the country have had to shift their studies online, with schools closing in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, everything was new and sudden, and schools were forced to begin their online classes without any time to prepare.

Now that is not the situation. Online classes certainly cannot be replacement to physical classes but still one fails to understand the logic or reason in the decision taken by the government to reopen the schools. After the two waves of Covid, it is not difficult for schools to convert online classes into more of activity-based learning so that the children are more active and engaged during the classes. This system should be followed till the school going children too are vaccinated. But the administration seems to be succumbing to the pressure of schools.

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What is worse is that teachers’ organisations are demanding that schools be reopened saying that all teachers are vaccinated. It seems for them only their life is important not that of students. This is not what is expected of modern ‘Gurus’. Even now nothing is lost. The government should rethink and take back its decision to reopen the schools. ‘Safety First’ should be the norm till all are vaccinated. #KhabarLive #hydnews