The long pending project of Lotus Pond restoration is completed. Now tourists can enjoy the beauty of nature at Lotus Pond, here, as the long-pending development works of the lake have been completed with utmost care and observations.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) gave a facelift to the water body laying a walking track, increasing the green cover and other beautification works to attract visitors.

“The lake is a popular hangout spot and also home to more than 20 species of birds, including Kingfisher, White Wagtail and the Common Moorhen. But slowly it has been covered with hyacinth. Colour of water has turned green. To restore it the GHMC has taken up beautification works.” said a senior GHMC officer.

Lotus Pond has a rich flora and fauna. It has about 20 varied species of birds. Some of the common birds that can be spotted here are little grebe, common coot, white wagtail, little egret, pied kingfisher, common moorhen and sunbirds. Trees at the park have boards with their scientific and common name. Some of the trees found here are Neem, Custard Apple, Bamboo, Singapore Cherry and Australian Thumma, etc.

The main reason for taking up the restoration works was to remove sewage from the water body. Sewage has been deviated downstream. Also, diversion channels have been built which would help sewage sediment and polluted water to flow from this channel. Fresh water would come up. Also, hyacinth and algae have been removed.

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V Srinivas, deputy director (Urban bio-diversity wing), Khairtabad, said, “Also to improve the quality of water and reduce the stench two aerators have been installed at the lake.

Installing them will improve the oxygen level, besides, the water quality, a blessing for aquatic life. Aerators are like water jet fountains which aerate lake water and increase the dissolved oxygen level inside. The cost sanctioned is Rs 1 lakh.”

Along the periphery an exciting walking track has been restored. Its entire area has been illuminated. Around 100 shade-giving trees have been planted surrounding the lake. The work began in April and was completed in the third week of August.

Situated right in the centre of the city, Lotus Pond is located in the insides of MLA Colony in Jubilee Hills. It offers a refreshing break amidst the concrete buildings and hustle bustle of city life.

This oval shaped pond is a suitable place to visit if you wish to spend some time amidst the greenery of nature and admire its natural beauty. Lotus Pond is just 2 kms away from KBR National park main gate.

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Owing to the innumerable number of Lotus flowers in it, Lotus Pond was named the same. However, not many lotuses can be seen now in the pond. One of the most striking features of this Pond is the fact that it lies right in the midst of concrete buildings, burdened with hectic touch of city life.

It offers a refreshing touch of nature, letting visitors to spend some quality time in the lush greenery and breathe some fresh air.

The park has a 1.2 km long path for walking as well. You can take a morning walk or evening stroll, amid the beautiful natural setting and calm surrounding. An ideal place for a relaxed stroll; its pathway is adorned with refreshing greenery on its both sides. For nature lovers this is a place for early morning walks as well and to start one’s day in perfect way.

This pond is maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad (MCH). In the area of jubilee hills, Lotus Pond was created with the objective to conserve natural rock formations and the pond without creating any disturbance to the eco-system. Launched in the year of 1999, its construction was completed in 2001.

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With a beautiful path into the greenery and a revitalizing pond, Lotus Pond is sure to refresh your mind. However, its present condition is not up to the mark which does require restoration at some of its parts.

The best to visit this place is during the monsoon season. During Summer you might not be able to spot many flowers. You can visit this place throughout the week. The timings of Lotus Pond are from 6am to10 am and in evenings from 4pm to 6pm.

Although it is open in evenings, it is better to go there in morning, especially early morning, for an exclusively delightful experience. Also due to insufficient lighting, it is better to visit the park in daylight. No entry fee is charged at Lotus Pond.

There is ample of parking space outside the park for both four and two wheeler vehicles. If you are commuting thought public transport then you can take a local train (mmts) till Begumpet Station and again a bus from there till LV Prasad Eye Hospital bus stop. #KhabarLive #hydnews