The Covid  vaccination and obtaining the online certificate now slipping in the hands of fraudsters who are cheating gullible people and selling the certificate without administering the vaccine jabs and issuing the certificate illegally through CoWin portal. This information is the tip of the iceberg.

Amid the possibility of the third wave of COVID-19, all possible measures are being taken to inoculate as many people as possible against COVID-19 infections.

In Hyderabad, where Profiteers are providing fake vaccine certificates to fill their pockets. The vaccine vultures are manipulating the Government Portal Co-WIN to get a fake vaccination certificate with the help of some staff members at various vaccination centers.

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These fraudsters are in the market to earn money by just using your Aadhar detail and phone number and issuing a fake certificate for the vaccine that no one has got. People offer the money to them and they manipulate the Co-WIN portal. Cases are coming where a vaccination certificate is provided to even the dead.

In the crucial fight against the pandemic, these vultures on the streets of Hyderabad are on their way to fill their greedy pockets.

Seeing the effects of Covid during the first two waves, where people were toiling from pillar to post for beds, medical oxygen, essential drugs among others, many people have got vaccinated and are still following the government-issued guidelines to be safe from the virus.

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In the course of vaccination, when citizens are in a hurry to get vaccinated and lead a safe life, some are still trying to make money out of it.

#KhabarLive busted the center issuing fake Covid-19 vaccination certificates to people without actually administering the vaccine in Hyderabad.

The illegal business in Hyderabad is flourishing with the help of staff members from vaccination centers. The group is issuing certification to not only residents and locals but also to deceased patients.
Following the incident, the Centre has taken note of the incident and the government has ordered a probe in the same.

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The scamsters only need your Aadhar card details and the phone number to issue a fake certificate from the Co-Win application. Agents ask for Rs. 2000-5000 for issuing such certificates.

The Telangana government has set up a special team to probe into the fake vaccine certificate scam in the state. The team has already identified two people from the lot.

The team is also looking into account that whether the health officials anywhere related to the scam or are they getting any money from the agents in issuing the fake certificates. #KhabarLive #hydnews