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Benefits of covereage on #KhabarLive
– Story links are acceptable to create wiki profiles
– News flashed here covered by Google News, DailyHunt, Newspatrolling, News360, Medium, ThriveGlobal and MSN News, Yahoo News and many more..
– Our maximum stories ranks on 1st page of Google
– Stories are indexable in Google in just a minute after being published..
– News are visible in Google News

For Display Ads Cost

  • On all Story Pages – for 1 banner at just top of story or news.
  • On all Story Pages – for 1 banner at just middle of story or news.
  • On all Story Pages – for 1 banner at just below of story or news.
Ad Unit Size Placement
Leaderboard 728×90 Top after banner
Rectangle 300×250 Anywhere on page
Site Takeover Complete page All ad units on page
Sponsored Post Custom Home page
Sponsored Page Custom Home page
Text Link Ad Up to 50 characters Anywhere on post/page
Court Ads Any size on ads page (10 insertions) Anywhere on post/page
Display Ads Any size on ads page (5 insertions) Anywhere on page
Election Ads Any size on ads page (20 insertions) Anywhere on post/page

‍‍Banner Advertising Options

We offer banner ads on our website. Please contact us to discuss the banner advertising options. You will need to supply us with custom made banner ads to fit our advertising spaces.

Exclusive Ad Space
Our ad space is very exclusive. As you can see, all of our ads are positioned in optimal and psychologically proven areas to convert into leads! All of our ads space is exclusive within the meaning of the word – your spot will be yours only. You can purchase a banner ad space for as little as one month or as long as one year! Discounts will be given to yearly advertisers!

Built your Brand!
Our ads will help to embed your brand into the readers’ minds. All of the ad space appears in completely unmissable areas and will receive a lot of eyeballs. In today’s SEO world, building a brand is the most important element in ranking on the search engines. If users remember your brand and later search for it on the search engines, the search engines will rank your site higher!

Explode your website traffic
#KhabarLive attracts the highest quality traffic from the Indian subcontinent, USA, UK, Gulf Countries and the rest of the world. Each banner ad will contain a link to your website, which means that once people click your banner ads, you will receive highly targeted traffic to your site that has the potential of converting into paying customers!

Getting Started – Advertise with Us
Please contact us via email. We apply very stringent checks as to who we allow to advertise on our website.

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* All rates are subject to #KhabarLive discretion.
* All payments should ne made in 100% after the ad insertion.
* All #KhabarLive standard advertising rules will be applied to all advertisers.

Payment can be made either by PayPal and GooglePay/PayTm only

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]