The victim has been identified as a local tractor driver; the suspect, however, is still at large.

Residents of Bottuguda in Nalgonda woke up to a spine-chilling murder on Monday – the severed head of a man was found on the compound wall of a dargah.

The police was alerted immediately, who rushed to the spot to ensure the case didn’t acquire a communal angle and to cordon off the scene of crime.

The Nalgonda I town police conducted the preliminary examination, before the head was sent for an autopsy.

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Hours later, the body was found several kilometres away in Madina Colony BTS, in an isolated spot.

The deceased was identified as Palakuri Ramesh, a tractor driver from the neighbouring Kanagal mandal. He was reportedly missing since Sunday evening.

Based on the evidence found and the crime scene, police believe that Ramesh and his murderer had drinks together at the spot where his body was found, following which he was murdered and decapitated.

Speaking to KhabarLive, Nalgonda II town Sub-inspector, D Madhu, said that once the autopsy was concluded the body was handed over to Ramesh’s family. He also claimed that the police had reason to believe that a person who also went missing on Sunday is behind the gruesome murder.

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“The reason for the crime is yet to be ascertained. We are investigating one person who is still missing; the investigation is underway,” said Madhu. “The evidence indicates that the suspect and Ramesh were drinking together where we found his body. It is sure the crime took place there.”

Recently, another murder sent shockwaves across Nalgonda – a local Congress leader, B Srinivas, a close aide of Komatireddy Venkata Reddy was killed by unknown assailants near his home.

Srinivas is the husband of Nalgonda municipal chairperson B Laxmi.

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Eight persons have been arrested in connection to the crime, but three more suspects are still absconding. #KhabarLive