Travel, adventure and fun lovers soon  feel the good news about house boating in Andhra Pradesh.

Soon the Krishna river is going to witness Kerala-style houseboats as the tourism department has initiated discussions in this regard. During a review meeting, Tourism Secretary Mukesh Kumar Meena said that houseboats would attract more tourists to the city and create employment opportunities for scores of youth.

“In the first phase, around 15 boats will be introduced. SC Corporation has come forward to provide 15 percent subsidy to interested persons to buy boats while AP Tourism Development Corporation will provide another 15 percent subsidy.

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Mukesh Kumar Meena said that the beneficiaries can utilise bank loans for the remaining amount to buy houseboats. Since each boat costs `one crore, an investment of `60 lakh should be borne by the interested person. “Selling tickets and marketing will be taken care of by the tourism department and interested parties can purchase any boat with the subsidy and can decorate interiors according to their taste,” he added. #KhabarLive

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