Everyone knows that Oman has beautiful camels, but few know that camels can actually swim.

This video has surfaced online, showing three camels swimming skillfully in the sea near Jalan Bani Bu Ali, without fear of drowning despite the depth of the water.

Hamed Al Junaibi, one of the persons that appeared in the video said, “We moved the camels from the farm to the sea via a truck and then we took them down on the Al Suwayh beach for swimming and training, to increase their fitness and to prepare them for the camel race. The training continued for two hours.”

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“However, camels usually cross the sea themselves to move from one area to another, sometimes crossing a path from Masirah Island to Shannah, which is approximately 10 km long,” said Salleh Al Jafari, a local from the Al Ashkharah town in north Al Sharqiyah.

He added: “Camel owners know that it is common for male camels swim in the sea from one beach to another in search of food or to mate, when they smell female camels in the nearby coastal areas.” #KhabarLive

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