University of Hyderabad authorities are unable to decide how to protect the wild life on campus from canine attacksUniversity of Hyderabad authorities are unable to decide how to protect the wild life on campus from canine attacks

The University of Hyderabad (UoH) has found itself on the horns of dilemma as far as ridding the campus of stray dogs. According to authorities, pressure has been mounting on the University administration to act urgently to remove the stray dogs from the campus. They are posing a threat to the wild animals on the sprawling campus which is a home to spotted deer, peacock, wild boards and the like.

Speaking to KhabarLive, a senior official from the UoH administration said there are several incidents in which deer and peacocks were attacked by the stray dogs. The wild animals either died or suffered injuries. Besides, during the ensuing summer, the situation could get worse as the animals come out from their hidings in search of water, making them more vulnerable to stray dogs.

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It was against this backdrop that the University has been mulling to figure out a way to resolve the conflict between the two kinds of animals.
When contacted, the State Forest Department sources said earlier the university administration was advised, either to hand over the area which is the home to the wild animals to the department, so that the Forest officials will take necessary steps.

Or, the university is asked to take a series of measures to protect the wild animals. The measures include removal of dogs from the campus with the help of the GHMC and others. However, some sections of dog lovers among the students have been opposing the move to the rid the campus of stray dogs. asking the university administration to take steps to save the wild animals without removing the dogs from the campus.

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There is another section of students and others among the university community who wanted the university to protect the wild animals at all costs.
It is against this background that the university is not able to decide on the course of action so far. Because the GHMC cannot remove the dogs from the campus en masse as it is against the Central Dog Rules and Animal Welfare Laws.

Even when the stray dogs are removed from the streets for the sterilisation purpose, the civic body is mandated to bring them back to the same locations from where the dogs are picked up.

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On the other, the Forest Department officials said that they are helpless in taking any action without the cooperation of the university authorities. However, one senior official clarified that the department has all the powers to charge the university authorities making them responsible in certain cases.

Thus, if the dogs are removed, the university will be made responsible for illegally removing the dogs in violation of the Central Dog Rules. Similarly, the university authorities could also be held responsible under the Wildlife Act and for failing to prevent the threat to the wild animals in its custody. #KhabarLive

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