In one of a unique meet in the country, service providers, hoteliers and travel agencies and other stakeholders came together under Hajj and Umra Expo in city to discuss the business potentials and growth prospects.

– Stakeholders across the industry meet to discuss B2B services
– Almost 65 companies joined the expo
– Telangana NRIs play vital role in organising the expo

The three day Haj and Umrah Expo held from March 24 to March 26 at KLCC Convention Hall, Shamshabad and concluded. Representatives of almost 65 companies including Travel Agencies, Hotels, IT service providers, Umra Groups, Mobile Companies, Transport companies and others attended the event.

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Hi-Tech Events facilitated the entire event which is Telangana origin NRI’s group. Of the 65 companies participated in the expo, 39 were from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and 27 belonged to different cities of our country including Mumbai, Lucknow, Chennai, Hyderabad and others. Delegates from across the country and Middle Eastern countries attended the three days event to discuss the various possibilities of business for providing better services to pilgrims embarking upon Hajj or Umra pilgrimage.

Companies have set up their stalls in the expo and various technical and strategic issues were discussed during the expo. Omar Seraj Akbar, Hesham Seraj Omar Akbar from the Muttawiff Hujjaj South Asia Est is the some of the Major Service provider from Makkah Al Mukarrmmah were the Major exhibitors from Gulf. City Major PTO’s Al Mizaan Haj O Umrah group Hafez Mohammed Faiyaz Ali , Golden Travels Qamar, Bismillah Tours & Travels several others were present on the three day Mega event.

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Several agreements have been made during the expo and it was decided to have a greater coordination among all the stakeholders across the domain. It is to be noted that Muallim Service providers were also the part of this event besides Wholesale Hotel Sellers, Catering services and others. Mostly, the hospitality industry stakeholders attended the event and discussed B to B opportunities for both pilgrims and for the companies involved.

The Hajj Umra Expo is expected to come up with some new and exciting opportunities for pilgrims and a comprehensive system for the people who are looking for holistic facilities during their holy journey. This is the first of its kind Expo conducted in city with a purpose to discuss the business opportunities in the hospitality sector in a holistic way especially for the pilgrims of holy journey. #KhabarLive