From 1400 years till now, “we” have not come out of our ultra conservative thoughts. In this computerized age, where technology is exploring the possibility of human life on Mars, sadly our orthodox thinking is still confined within “chatai” (mat) and “Lota” ( a globular water container).

Who have hacked our brains? Why aren’t we moving beyond our primitive thoughts of wearing trousers above ankles and growing one fist-length of beard, or wearing “burka” from head to toe?

“We Muslims” think that the rest of the world is bloody HELL, but mind you – the same people of the “HELL” have enslaved the whole world including “us’!

“We Muslims” are fully aware of “Life After Death”. We know what would happen under the ground. We have a complete information about the skies above the ground. But, the “beautiful” mundane world that’s bestowed on upon us by the Almighty, we have no knowledge. We are damn ignorant!

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People of other religions are mining uranium from the ground. They know their usage. And, we are still counting the benefits of ‘zam-zam’ -the holy water!

People of the other faith wrote and read the books in thousands of other languages, but we sway back and forth while reciting the Quran without understanding a bit of it.

The other communities have established thousands of universities for the upcoming breed, but we print fake receipts and ask for donations for madarsas/mosques. Other religious have set up lakhs of hospitals and schools, and we are screaming, praying, and shouting in mosques!

The other communities have invented fast rides. They are now inventing supersonic flights, but we still continue to make a quick reference to our Holy Prophet’s riding on the Buraq exaggerating the scientific explanation for the event of ‘Miraj’.

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What’s our stake in this beautiful world?

We claim – we’ve given the banking system, but the hard-hitting reality is that we can’t stand near the World Bank today.

We say – press is our invention, yet we are empty from books except stocking a piles of religious books, or storing the scriptures in our handsets.

This is a bitter truth.

If some Islamic countries were not producing petrol, gold, dates, olives, still we were roaming in the sand dunes by placing tents.

Some folks are thinking of bringing the rule of Islam to the world through weapons and technology “created” by Christians and Jews? Who’s fooling whom?

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Stop this Quixotism!

Where are we heading towards? Is this the only thing to grow in the world?

Who are poisoning our brains?

There is one BIG reason I see for misleading the whole community generation after generation. Our thekedars of religious gurus/clerics!

Some “thekedars” are sitting on our heads like poisonous snakes. Whenever someone tries to come out of their illiberal thoughts, the “snakes” flick their poisonous tongues and bite them.

Without a shadow of a doubt, we are enslaved to the constant thinking of these religious thugs. We are helplessly seeing all the atrocities and mayhem, but lifeless.

Rebel against your conservative thoughts being imposed on us by a bunch of self-proclaimed thekedars of Islam.

Its never too late. Wake up! #KhabarLive

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