Your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes. From one-time wears to the extra and unused, they’re all there. Time and again, you’ve thought of revamping it, cleaning it up, but haven’t gotten yourself to doing it just yet. Yes, laziness could be one reason, but it’s not the only reason.

The moment you think of cleaning up your wardrobe, you wonder what you’re doing to do with the piles of clothes you no longer wish to wear. Typically, these four thoughts cross your mind:

  • – Bundle them up and keep them in one of the lower shelves: Nooooo. What’s even the point of cleaning your wardrobe then? #FirstWorldProblems, you see.
  • – Give it to your younger siblings: But then aaj-kal ke bachche don’t want hand-me-downs. Uff, #KidsTheseDays.
  • – Main bhi fashion designer: The thought of fashioning something new out of your existing clothes does occur to you, but then you also remember how bad you were when it came to art and crafts in school, so you abort the mission then and there. #HappyRealisations.
  • – A garage sale, maybe: What if nobody really turns up and you end up wasting time and effort. #NotAGoodIdea
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But summer is here and you need to urgently clear space in your wardrobe so you can buy new clothes and up your fashion game. What do you then? Well, your one stop for the best of fashion brands – Myntra -understands this problem of yours very well. They know that you want to keep up with the latest style trends and they also know that your full wardrobe is not letting you do that. So they have come up with a rather unique exchange program called #MyntraFashionUpgrade. Before we tell you more, watch this video:

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The funda is quite simple. Just make a list of all clothes that you want to give away and enter their details on the Myntra app. You will then earn points which you can redeem while buying new clothes and style accessories from Myntra. So on one hand while you’re freeing your wardrobe of all the clutter, on the other, you’re conveniently getting a fashion upgrade.

No hassles and no long queues. Just you, your couch, the Myntra app and you’re sorted. And you know what? The clothes collected as part of #MyntraFashionUpgrade will be given to non-profit organisation Goonj, that will in turn use them as resources to facilitate rural development. When was the last time you could get a fashion upgrade, clean your wardrobe and give away your extra clothes for a good cause, all at the same time? Besides, given that you earn Myntra points, you also end up saving money on new purchases.

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There’s no reason you shouldn’t go in for the #MyntraFashionUpgrade. It’s on from April 1 to 6. Click here and get going. There are just two more days left for the fashion upgrade to end. Hurry up and spread the word among your friends as well. #KhabarLive

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