Hyderabad’s prestigious and historic Osmania General Hospitals, is once again became a place where patients have to share their bed with the stray dogs.

Soon after KhabarLive expose, where dogs were roaming around in the wards, the authorities swung into action to launch a drive against stray dog menace in the hospital premises.

It might be the most pleasing thing in the world to an animal lover, but if the dogs are freewheeling inside the Hyderabad’s major government hospital where several patients are battling with hundreds of diseases, the entire scenario changes from ‘pleasing’ to ‘awful’.

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Osmania is the oldest and the biggest government-run hospital here. Poor patients come from different parts of Telangana and neighbouring states for treatment. Dozens of stray dogs roam through Osmania premises and enter wards and sleep on beds meant for patients. It highlights the state of affairs in government-run healthcare facilities.

Meanwhile, a new video captured clip of Osmania Hospital where dogs can be seen roaming around the beds and even forced a patient’s attendant to woken up.

The Osmania General Hospital (OGH) presents a dirty picture, replete with filthy wards and the unbearable stench in the hospital wards and toilets despite the presence of some cleaning staff.

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It was not enough also exposes another shocking apathy of Osmania General Hospital where dead bodies were carelessly dumped in mortuary, the bodies were in a very pathetic, worst condition, insects were eating bodies flesh. However, soon after the expose, the hospital authorities swung into action and shifted the bodies to another room. #KhabarLive