Hyderabad’s Almond House has announced unveiling of Gappe Vappe, a one-of-its-kind fusion Chaat brand. In the nearly three decades since inception, Almond House has been enjoying an enviable status as being amongst the most preferred and trustworthy brand names.

Almost everyone who loves to savour delicacies of the exotic kind will make it to Almond House, which, as a matter of principle, swears by top grade quality. This is the USP and which is why it out-surpasses the competitors when it comes to customer patronage and brand loyalty.

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It provides exhilarating experience, much like the lip-smacking products on offer. Almond House has the distinction of winning the prestigious Times Food and Nightlife Award in the Category of Best Mithai shop on five different occasions.

A unique aspect of Almond House is that unlike the contemporary mithai stores that boast of  Almond House is Telangana’s first ethnic foods brand that follows standards as per Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) norms with a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) certification on its way. #KhabarLive