Aneesh Chaganti, this name is trending in international level. Top magazines are interviewing him and Hollywood giants praising him. Greatly, at the age of 26 years, he made his film debut in Hollywood and got a tremendous success with a movie. What is the movie? Who is he? The movie is “Searching” and he is the director of this film. Though, this film is an experimental thriller.

Actually, he was a Hyderabadi but his family has shifted to California in his childhood. Actually, his mother was a film buff and she has an interest in movies. So, Aneesh also changed as a movie lover.

Once, he read a article about Indian American director Manoj Nite Shyamalan and his sixth sense movie. At that time, Aneesh has decided to make a film in a different stream. So, at the age of 22, he made a short film named ‘Seeds’ by using Google glasses instead of the camera. A boy wears the Google glasses and goes to see his mother from America to Bhimavaram. So, the whole journey was recorded with Google glasses and it was a different angle. And, the short film length was just 2 more minutes but it got millions of views in just 2 hours of time. So, by watching this usage of Google glasses, Google company offer a job for him to execute their products in different ways.

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In the journey of the job, he realized a point that technology is a very useful weapon if we use it correctly. So, he wanted to make a short film on it and approached a production house. But, the production company asked him to make it a feature film. Now, that is the “Searching”.

Movie Plot of Searching: This techno-thriller is a mixture of technology and emotions. The story was related to a father and daughter. A teenage girl who uses the social media more suddenly disappears from home. So, her father searches for her by using the technology.

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Actually, the movie was shot with the smartphones and desktops. So, this experimental movie getting the applause from both audiences and critics. Though, this movie was screened at the Sundance film festival before the release. At the Sundance film festival, the film got a huge response, by this, the famous production house the Sony Pictures ready to release the movie.

At the same film festival, he also won the award for debut direction. Laterally, this movie was screened at seven film festivals like Sydney film festival and Locarno international film festival. Finally, the movie was released on 24th August and now it is on trend. Until now, the movie collected 231 crores more but its budget was very less. Currently, Aneesh busy with interviews and he is working on a film script named “Run”. Really, he is intelligent. #KhabarLive