Setting up a sheer example of Hyderabad’s Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb depictef by Muslims of Devender Nagar Pochamma Basthi of Rangareddy district in Hyderabad performed special Ganapati puja.

At a time when clashes among both, Hindu and Muslim communities are making news in several pockets of the country, Gajularamaram stands out as an examole. Muslims of Devender Nagar Pochamma Basthi along with Hindus performed the special puja to Lord Ganesha during the celebrations of Vinayaka Pratishthan.

The TRS party youth circle president SK Abid inaugurated ‘Annadanam’ programme. Balaiah Basthi Nagesh, A Suresh Mudhiraj, ward member Sheik Jahangir, Sangamma and others were present in these program.

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Reiterating the sense of brotherhood, Abid said that they would want others to know about the camaraderie and brotherhood that their basthi has and vowed to keep up the harmony. #KhabarLive