This Gandhi Jayanthi did not end on a happy note for 25 male and 2 female prisoners in the State who were waiting for their remission. The prisoners who were awaiting special remission, based on orders issued by the Centre to commemorate 150th birth anniversary of the father of the nation, will now have to wait a little longer as pertinent documents are at the Governor’s desk waiting for his consent.

“It was supposed to happen today but we did not receive any orders yet from the Governor,” said inspector general A Narasimha. “Once we get the order we will initiate the remission of all 27 non-life imprisonment category prisoners,” he said, adding that the Home Ministry had already conducted preliminary tests to initiate the process.

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To avoid any last minute hiccups, the Home Ministry issued specific guidelines for the remission process as early as in July. Prisoners who had completed 50 per cent of their actual sentence or those who were over 55 years of age were made eligible for the remission.

Convicts serving terms for grievous crimes were not be considered for remission. Meanwhile, there are other prisoners awaiting remission under the State government’s scheme. In 2015, the State government issued remission orders for 250 prisoners.

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However, it’s unlikely to happen this time as the Assembly has been dissolved and the model code of conduct is already in place. The process is likely to happen only after a new government is formed. #KhabarLive