IndusInd Bank has rolled out what it labels India’s first debit and credit card in one. A campaign consisting of two TVCs conceptualised by RK Swamy BBDO has gone on-air for the same.

The films feature Boman Irani and are around the theme, ‘keep it single’. They take the humorous route to show two situations where a single card would be useful.

The TVCs feature Boman Irani as quirky characters, surrounded by his equally peculiar family. Through slice-of-life situations, we witness moments of financial transactions from everyday life where somebody lands into a tight spot due to the confusion emanating from two separate credit and debit cards.

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Somebody asking them to ‘go single’ in the middle of this embarrassment makes the moment all the more interesting and funny. But we realise, that they were being asked to go single with IndusInd Bank Card. The product is shown in full glory as the voiceover and supers detail out its functionality. The films end on a happy note.

Anil Ramachandran, EVP and head, marketing and corporate communication and retail unsecured assets, IndusInd Bank, said, “Finding elegant and sophisticated solutions to address customer needs has always been the foundation of IndusInd Bank’s plank of responsive innovation.

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Innovations that are insight based and bring convenience to the customer. The idea behind the unique proposition of IndusInd Bank Duo Card was to make it easier for customers to access both their savings account as well as their credit limit through one single card. It simplifies the customers’ life and brings convenience into his wallet. The customer question being addressed, is why carry two plastics when one will do?”

On the brief, he added, “The brief to RK Swamy was simple. To highlight the inconvenience of having multiple plastics and the ‘moment of loss’ this can lead to. The fact that here was a card that made your choice simpler and seamless as well as making it convenient to have just one card for all kind of transactions, offers etc.

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While maintaining the distinctive flavour of IndusInd Bank’s style of communication, it had to be light hearted, non-preachy and entertaining.” #KhabarLive