For scores of youngsters gearing up for various competitive examinations, the serene environs of the State Central Library at Afzalgunj is an ideal place to prepare for the big test.

Not just access to a vast collection of books and reading material that aid them in preparing for competitive exams, the green lawns on one side of the library is also a boon for these candidates. Unfolding chairs in the shade, resting along tree trunks or perched on the lawns, many candidates can be seen browsing through books and guides or tackling mathematical calculations. In the evenings, the wide steps leading to the library too can be seen occupied by them.

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Hafeez, pursuing his M.Tech at Osmania University, says he prefers the courtyard and open space as the main library sections get occupied in the mornings.

Interestingly, several students have brought in their own chairs which they leave chained to the windows, trees or wall hooks, while going home at the end of the day after studies.

The mood being serious and all preparing for competitive examinations also helps them in focussing better in preparations, they say.

Sandeep Kumar, who resides near Charminar, comes here at 9 am everyday to start his preparations for the Gram Panchayat recruitment exam. “Being all busy and studying seriously creates a certain environment for me and I realised I can concentrate better here than at home,” he says.

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Some of them come from as far as Sangareddy to prepare along with their friends.

Kishore, who finished his post-graduation and is preparing for the Group IV mains, travels from Hyderguda, Attapur, to study along with his friends. “Combined studies help me gain more knowledge,” he says adding, “sometimes, I go around and discuss my doubts with other students preparing for the same exam. It really helps.”

Over months of studying and preparing for examinations here, some of the students have sort of marked their own spaces on the library premises. S. Abhilash, a second year degree student of Nrupatunga College, points to his preferred spot and says, “I have been sitting here at the same spot every time I came. This same spot sort of creates a study space in my mind.” #KhabarLive