Telangana BJP is coming up with a unique and unbelievable poll promise. The Saffron Party promises to pay Rs 5,000 per Month to the families depending on rental accommodation if it is voted to power. This promise is already included in the BJP’s Election Manifesto.

BJP Senior Leader NVSS Prabhakar: ‘Rs 5,000 rent of the total rent paid by the Tenants will be compensated if BJP comes to power. Old Auto Rickshaws and School Vans will be replaced with new vehicles. Monthly Pension of Rs 3,000 would be offered for those who are dependent on Cobblers and Drum Beats.

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A Committee would be established for bringing the School Fees under control. Water Supply, Electricity and Property Tax of Private Educational Institutions would be considered as Commercial Purpose. Water Connection will be provided for just Rs 6 per month. This rule will be applicable for Cities and Gram Panchayats. Manifesto Proposals were sent to the High Level Committee. We would disclose all the details once we get a confirmation from the panel’.

BJP’s Rental Allowance Scheme is already raising many doubts. How does it figure out who is the Owner and who is the Tenant? Can Government bear such a huge financial burden? If such a scheme is implemented, There is every possibility of Owners finding new ways to gain maximum benefit. #KhabarLive

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