Who is one politician who is sitting pretty and is waiting for the election drama to unfold? Which leader is assured of his seats and hopes to increase his strength by at least one or two seats and hopes to play king maker after the votes are counted?

No Marks for guessing. It’s ‘Asaduddin Owaisi’, the honcho of the All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen or the AIMIM. He has seven seats in the outgoing assembly and is hopeful of retaining all of them. What more, it is hoping to win at least a couple of more seats. If it can manage the Muslim votes in other constituencies of Telangana, it can help the TRS get a good number of seats.

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In fact, Muslims are a key factor in Telangana as they constitute 12.5 per cent of the total population. Though traditional voters of the Congress, they have now moved towards the TRS thanks mainly to the MIM intervention. Muslims can influence the electoral outcome in at least 50 of the 119 seats in Telangana. Owaisi has great influence in almost all the 24 assembly seats in the GHMC area. Thus they are a very important factor in Telangana politics.

In the event of no party getting a majority, AIMIM will become a ‘king maker’ and may even demand deputy CM post. In the event of TRS winning a comfortable majority, it can always have its share in the government. So, MIM’s bread is buttered on both the sides. #KhabarLive

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