Even as the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) Hyderabad Circle is grappling with the issue of encroachment around the historic Golconda Fort, it is also finding it difficult to control crowds at the entrance. ASI has proposed that the Army area near Golconda Fort be allotted for parking.

“Parking area for the tourists, clearing the front area of the site for pedestrians and diverting the traffic, opening a second entrance to the site and making a buffer zone around the site are the essential things to be considered for staking claim to the world heritage status,” said Milan Kumar Chauley, the Superintending Archeologist at ASI, Hyderabad Circle.

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On an average, 9,000 tourists visit the site every day. On a festival day like Bonalu, more than 1-lakh visitors come to Golconda. The traffic on those days becomes heavy and uncontrollable and parking becomes a huge problem. To divert the traffic, ASI has proposed constructing a small road around African Body Gardens that connects Makki Darwaza Road.

ASI has also proposed opening of another door on the right side of Golconda Fort main entrance to address the issues related to entering and exiting of tourists.
The opening of Murda gate on the right side of the main entrance near the bus stand will avoid any stampedes at the time of festivals, Chauley said. Another challenge with the site is maintaining of the buffer zone of 100 metres around the site.

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The inner fortification is roughly 54 acres and the circumference of Golconda is 7 km. Hawkers have been constructing shops adjacent to the site. “The state government has to release a map of Golconda that shows clearly what government land is and what is private land,” Milan said.

Officials say that even the hawkers who stay put at the entrance need to be moved. Past attempts failed as locals gang up and create a ruckus, said an official.

If the State government is serious in pitching for the World Heritage Status for Golconda Fort, the least it could do is facilitate proper parking and other basic amenities. #KhabarLive