The passing-out parade of 458 Stipendiary Cadet Trainee Sub-Inspectors of Police, the largest contingent after the formation of Telangana, was held at the RBVRR Telangana State Police Academy.

The cadets include 193 Civil and 69 Armed Reserve, 185 Telangana State Special Police and 11 Special Protection Force personnel. Parade commander M Rama Devi, from Khammam, led the parade of 12 contingents. SK Joshi, Chief Secretary, graced the occasion as chief guest and M Mahendar Reddy, Director General of Police, was the guest of honour.

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Joshi, along with Santosh Mehra, Director of the academy, reviewed the parade, and trophies were presented to trainees who excelled in indoor and outdoor activities. Mehra administered the oath to the trainees and presented a report on the one-year-long training, which focused on physical and mental fitness, forensic science and medicine, Indian laws, police station management, major bandobusts during festivals, economic offences and cybercrimes.

The DGP said transformation from a civilian to a disciplined officer after joining the force was a big achievement. “Meeting the expectations of citizens is also a responsibility of the department by being accountable to them,” Mahender Reddy said.

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Every officer should realise that salaries were being paid from taxes and the citizens who visit the police station as petitioners should be taken into confidence and their requests need to be considered without any discrimination, he added.

The Chief Secretary said the ‘Successful Officer’ trainees would be flag bearers of the entire State in the years to come as a role model.

“The passing-out parade is the symbolic threshold, beyond which the real-life challenges will begin. Khakhi is the symbol of authority, protector of good and destroyer of the evil,” Joshi said. He said trainees should feel proud of the uniform.

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The Telangana police topped in hard work, discipline and quality delivery of services and had left its mark. He gave five mantras to be followed by the officials. #KhabarLive

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