With all eyes on Lake Como this season, thanks to the Deep-Veer wedding, which was also preceded by Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal’s extravagant engagement. One can now confidently say Lake Como has become the ‘IT’ destination in Italy for all the Indians.

However, we should not forget that Italy is not Just Rome or Lake Como, there’s more to it. Italy in itself is extremely gorgeous throughout its expanse and has quite a few hidden gems that travellers seldom explore. Listed below are the alternative cities and towns you should definitely consider for your next Italian getaway.

Cefalù, Sicily
The first place on the list is the town of Cefalu, located on Sicily’s northern coast. It is flanked by beaches and makes for a picturesque old town setting. The grandeur of this town comes from the Norman cathedral and the fresh Sicilian food. It claims to be Sicilian art de vivre at its best, for hedonists in search for exclusivity, Italian chic and offers unique culinary experiences.

You can wander across its sandy beaches which is in many ways the life of Cefalu. Other must-visit spots are the town’s Duomo, which is a two-towered Norman cathedral is graced with by beautiful mosaics made by 12th-century Byzantine artists. Visiting the town museum, the Museo Mandralisca is important to experience the cultural aspect of the town. In the town region, one should visit the town centre called the Rocca. A one day trip to the city of Palermo which is the capital of Sicily should be visited experience the Palazzo dei Normanni, a royal palace which looks magnificent.

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One can experience and learn water sports like Sailing, stand up paddleboat, Kitesurfing and Scuba Diving at the all-inclusive luxury resort – Club Med Cefalu. Located around the sea, the food in Cefalu is dominated by seafood. Try Sicilian signature dishes such as the caponata- an eggplant based cooked salad, couscous with squid ink and fresh ricotta, Sicilian style stuffed swordfish and the oven-roasted rabbit with cooked chestnuts and balsamic vinegar.

The visit to the town of Amalfi needs to be laid back and a relaxing experience. A few of the experiences that you can have is renting colour-coded sunbeds at a lido and taking boat rides by the wonderful coast. Places you wouldn’t want to miss out on are the Amalfi Cathedral which has the relic of St. Andrew. The stillness and peaceful atmosphere of the church are sure to calm the mind and soul. A signature experience in the town of Amalfi is taking boat rides at Grotto dello Smeraldo. You can take boat rides in the turquoise water and go under the cave arch which is a fun activity to undertake.

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When it comes to food don’t forget to eat the classic spaghetti and clams also known as spaghetti alle vongole, cupitiello di pesce which is basically fish in a cup and is a summertime speciality. Enjoy the Amalfi signature dish, Pesce Alla Acqua Pazza, which is a preparation of fish, tomatoes, olive oil, herbs and white wine. Amalfi is definitely worth exploring when in Italy.

Matera, also known as the city of caves is based in the region of Basilicata, in southern Italy. It is a UNESCO world heritage site and the people visiting Matera has increased over the years. The fascination towards caves and ancient remains is what draws travellers toward Matera. When in Matera, you should be on foot and explore the regions of Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso.

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It is a delight to go around Matera and discover the tiny alley ways, flower-filled courtyards which make for a beautiful wander tour around the town. When in Matera, you should visit the Musma art museum. The Casa Grotto di Vico Solitario is a must-visit. It is a replication of a cave settlement which is interesting to explore.

Piedmont sits on the border on France and Switzerland. It is a land of mountains and is best explored when it is snow-clad. It is famous for its landscape and ski resorts around the region of Monviso. The landscape of Langhe and Monferrato are hilly and picturesque. The town has expanses of rice paddies and a line of farmhouses which make for the scenery of Piedmont.

Piedmont is well known for its wine especially the Barolo which originates from here. The cheese and truffle of this town is also well known and sought after. Another intriguing aspect of Piedmont is its medieval castles such as the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy and the Sacri Monti. #KhabarLive