Hyderabad – the city of pearls, the enchanting land of Nawabs, the birthplace of ‘the’ biryani, thriving hub for the IT geeks, and a venue for infinite opportunities.While that would serve as a classic introduction of the city for the generations to come, there is a lot more happening which is keeping Hyderbadis engaged and enthused through and through.

One day it’s a feast dedicated to bibliophiles (Hyderabad Book Fair which lasts for 10 days), and the other day it’s about bringing happiness and a special experience for pet owners and their paw-dorable companions (PETEX 2018). Hyderabad has always been and continues to be the mini-India with its ever-enhancing zest. And so, just like that, the city becomes one of the super cool and fun places, thanks to its crowd-pulling exhibitions and events.

Now, get yourself an Irani chai as we go through the diverse events presented by the most happening city.

Hyderabad Literary Fest
It’s time to gear up for the 9th edition of the bookish extravaganza – the Hyderabad Literary Fest. Bringing some of the prominent authors, literary scholars and enthusiasts, publishers, and artistes under one roof, Hyderabad sparks up with all the excitement reliving the experiences of reading a favourite book and going agog with the possibility of meeting that author you worship. Those three days are dedicated to nothing but celebrating the aesthetics like art, culture, and heritage.

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Now, go ahead and mark your calendars. This year’s HLF commences on January 25.

Hyderabad Numaish
When are you planning to visit the city’s largest consumer exhibition? Around 2,500 stalls are set, the ferris wheel is lit, organisers are too busy to breathe as the gates of the Exhibition Grounds open to Numaish. This annual expo is close to the hearts of Hyderabadis and continues to attract people from all walks of life with its glitz and pomp. With Ladies Day behind, people are looking forward to the upcoming events like Republic Day (January 26), Children’s Day (January 31), Well Baby Show (February 3), and many more.

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International Sweet Festival
This year’s Sankranti festivities in the city have reached new heights. While you are still recovering from the sugar rush caused from the three-day mammoth sweet festival, let us take you through the whopping numbers this event has created. Representatives from 20 different countries have reached the venue to introduce their local flavours. With around 1,200 sweets on the offer, the event has garnered a million visitors (yes, a million!).

International Kite Festival
And what’s Sankranti without the high adrenaline rush caused by kite flying. Along with the International Sweet Festival, the Telangana government has also organised International Kite Festival which saw 42 international professional kite flyers from countries like Sweden, Poland, France, the USA, and many more. And there were around 60 national kite flyers; the local talent came out with flying colours exhibiting their skills along with the international participants.

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Horticulture and Agriculture show
We Hyderabadis love our greens. With Telangana government sharing the same vision (Hairtha Haram) there is no dearth of “green” activities and events happening in the city. Horticulture and Agriculture expo is one such event organised by Association of Event Organisers (AEO). The expo has 70 different stalls and 57 participating nurseries from Dehradun, Bengaluru, Pune, Kadiyam, and, of course, Hyderabad. This event aims to encourage various forms of gardening like terrace and vertical gardening. Apart from 150 varieties of indoor and outdoor plants (ranging from Rs 30 to Rs 3,000), the event also offers organic food stalls which promote healthy living. Well, food gives anything that extra edge, doesn’t it?

These events just give a glimpse of what the city has to offer. Hyderabad knows how to keep her crowd buzzing; holiday season or not, Hyderabadis are always busy having a whale of a time. #KhabarLive