Before anything else, a very happy New Year folks! Hope this year marks a change in our life for the better and brings spontaneity for those who’ve loved 2018 and would want their lives to be directed towards the continuation of it (Hi5 ya, 2018 was a good year!). Speaking of change and amendments, what changes have you made in yourself or your homes this New Year?

You must have brilliantly beautified your home with the living rooms looking splendid with the decors but, what about the outdoor area? How many times have we decided to clean up the verandah or once-upon-a-time-here-lived-a-garden area and then got engrossed with decorating the interiors rather? Now is the best time to do so as the festivities are over and there’s no rush or hullabaloo.

Get ready to transform your garden into the most relaxing and beautiful part of your home. All you gotta do is gorge on that leftover Christmas cake and get to work!

Take the literal meaning of its name. The store comprises of earthy stones and items which will make your garden seem like a natural scenic land. Add to it the lightings they offer, you wouldn’t want to move away from here! All those stone wash basins, murals, stone veneers and stamped concrete floorings are their forte. Another highlight of this place are illuminated planters. Other than these, they also have outdoor wicker furniture, seaters, natural stone claddings and flooring, pebbles, pouffes, teak furniture, semi- precious stones and so much more waiting to be discovered by you.

Where – Road No.7, Zehra nagar, Banjara hills. Phone- +91-99624 04000.

This place defines tradition meets modernity. Each of its products emerges from absolute class and sophistication. They’ve got the perfect supplies required for your most cherished barbeque parties and outdoor picnics. Ranging from embers fire pit to cover for fire pit, willow picnic basket to cheers tub, hammered urly to acrylic food veils to manor lantern, ablaze mashals to botanica planters, they have it all! The list can go on and on. The food veils they stock are so beautiful, your guests will be left in awe for ages. Just pick up your willow picnic basket filled with delicacies, head to your garden, light up your mashal and sit down for a late-night talk session with your buddies. It is bound to be a memorable night!

Where- Banjara Hills Road No. 12. Call- 040-2332 9983, +91-84484 87564

If you usually have a very hectic schedule and cannot look after a natural garden, you may as well have one with artificial flowers. And for that, @home is the place you need to head to. They stock a wide variety of imitation greens and buds, which look real. Add in a few beautiful vases and your garden will end up looking ravishingly classy. Keep the flowers in the vases or let the vases remain empty, they are sure to still steal the spotlight all by themselves.

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Where- Madhapur. Enquiries- 040-2988 0002.

Known for its marvelous collection of designer fans, Fanzart is one place you have to visit for blowing out the summer blues. Yea, it isn’t summer yet (thankfully), but we can start preparing for it, right? Coming to the fans, they have outdoor mist fans that are one of their kinds and need to own a place in your garden. There is another one called a Summer garden fan which consists of a coffee table for 4 along with a fan attached to the centre of the table and does not need a ceiling. Apart from this, they also stock beautifully carved wooden swings that are bound to make you swoon.

Where- Road No.2, Banjara hills. Enquiries- +91-70951 00064

One of the leading supplies chain in the world, who hasn’t heard of IKEA? But the question here is, have you ever been to one of their stores? You ought to! Now, more than ever because they stock the classiest outdoor pieces. So many furniture and décor items that you must have seen in Hollywood movies and longed to own are available here. And mind you, I’m referring to the exact same pieces. If you’ve noticed the very pretty mirror in Anastasia Steele’s bedroom in Fifty Shades of Grey (Do not judge me for remembering this movie’s details) and wished to have it, that precise mirror is waiting for you to take it home at IKEA.

Where- Serilingampally, Near Hi-Tech City. Enquiries- 1800 419 4532.

The Garden Store
Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about a garden? Greenery! Of course. This place stocks exclusively all that will be needed for your greens to stay green and the amenities which will enhance its natural beauty a dozen times more. They also have one of my favourite garden products, a fountain! I feel no garden is complete without an overlooking cascade of the jet of water. One thing, which specifically caught my attention, were the self-watering plants. A blessing for those of you all who love their plants but forget to water them periodically (Aka me). Imported cycle show-pieces, frp fountain, balcanora planters, organic fertilizers, pine wood planters, vertical garden, plastic reversible planters, railing pots, coir hanging, compost bin, rotomould planters, Pondicherry pots, self-watering plants, etc are yet other amazing things you ought to check out in this place!

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Where- Plot No. 697, Road No. 36, Jubilee hills. Enquiries- 040-4002 1700.

Embellish furnitures
The one place you need to visit at any cost has to be this! It screams luxury and elegance from every corner. Each of the products they store are so beautiful, you’d want to take them all. They’ve wicker coffee sets which are a delight in themselves. Another fantasy they offer is a poolside lounge that is nothing less than a wondrous bed, with the perks of having it by the pool. You need to see it to believe it. They also stock swings and hammocks that will not want you to get off it. Swing away your worries!

Where- Road no.1, Film nagar, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad. Phone – 8048765622.

“Being a civil engineer, I always emphasized on having a backyard and a garden big enough for parties and family functions. I often host late-night barbecue sessions with friends in our backyard. As for that, I make sure I have all the proper amenities, as grilling requires the correct and safe supplies. I buy grills and fire pit covers from Elvy as they have the best and the most reliable products. Other such necessities are bought from when I have enough time until the party for the delivery. I prefer hammocks in my backyard as it gives a better look to the entire area.”Zubair Ahmed, Civil Engineer

“IKEA furniture had always been our first choice when it came to buying stuff for our house when we lived abroad. I was so glad when they launched a store in Hyderabad as well. You get products of such good quality at an affordable rate. Most people, including me, also go there to take inspiration regarding how to manage storage and home seating ideas. Its Swedish origin and classic designs set them apart from other stores. You can also customize and create stuff according to your preference and that’s a plus point. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t been to IKEA these days.”Irram Fatima, Student

“I come from a joint family where social gatherings are held very often. Every weekend, our garden is filled with over 40 people moving around and having fun. We needed a proper seating arrangement for accommodating every guest. As such, we bought outdoor lounges from Home Centre, Inorbit as they are amazingly comfy and 3-4 of those suffice. We’ve a kids’ area where we’ve put up swings bought from the same place as its fun for them to sit on those and adults too sneak over to enjoy the ride. For the décor, we’ve lush green bushes along with scented lavender colored climbing vines over the wall which enhance the whole atmosphere.”Farozan Fatima Khan

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“For me, my garden is the part I cherish the most in my house. And I think more than anything, it needs to be filled with greenery. There is a nursery at Film nagar called Paudhe se Yaari. The place is as quirky as its name. You find a huge variety of saplings to keep indoors as well as outdoors. It is great as a gift too. Another place called Just Plants, located in road no.34, Jubilee hills is a wholesale plant nursery store I often visit. You get everything concerned with plants, from seeds to saplings and pots to garden showpieces. I love the different creative designs of pots that they stock. They aren’t the usual plain boring ones. These are of various artistic shapes and forms. And when garden décor is the question, I choose to keep it natural with just a coffee table set that I’d got from the Interior Park.”Syeda Uzma Hasan, Student

“We usually furnish our yard with grass carpets. These are so much better and easier to maintain. The walls are covered with vines that is my favorite spot for taking pictures. We’ve a sapling stand with hybrids of different flowers set at every corner of the garden which we’ve bought from nursery on the outskirts of the city. My most loved pieces are the sculptures we’ve bought from Address Home and they add so much beauty to the yard. For me, my garden is the most relaxing place and I often tend to study there as it brings peace to my mind and concentration is achieved when the mind is at rest.”Aisha Mirza, Student

“Decorating and gardening are things I thoroughly enjoy. I believe that in the everyday tumult, one deserves to spend time away from it, in the depth of nature’s creation. Hence, for that reason, I maintain my garden very well. It gives me a sense of serenity and contentment when I sit down over there and think about life and my journey. Inhabit in GVK is one place I visit to buy the comfortable seaters meant for outdoors. Yoga mats are the other things I buy which let me engage and look into my life once in a while through meditation. We’ve set up lamps with anti-irritation bulbs that helps in keeping our eyes cool and doesn’t harm us through its radiations. The entire area in itself is covered with mosquito nets that do not let the insects swarm around the garden, as the pollution and toxicity in the air and water streams has given rise to enormous insects and we need to stay protected from them.”Dr.Sushmitha Sharma #KhabarLive

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