Summer can be a challenging season for many, be it beating the heat or the clothes you put on, everything becomes quite vital. It gets difficult to create looks that can make a statement as you cannot play too much with layers. So, here is a list of tricks and tips for dressing up this season.

Dark colours absorb light making you feel hot. On the other hand, light colours, like pastels, reflect light keeping your body to stay cool. Just like black dress is a wardrobe staple, a little white dress is also mandatory. It looks good with summer skin. It’s a piece that not only lets you flaunt on the beach but can also add charm to your evening parties.

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This season is about sweaty disaster. And these fabrics are a great choice as they absorb sweat and keep the body dry and cool. It allows air circulation as it is lightweight fabric unlike synthetic. Ditch the plain cotton dress and get some floral prints. Be it a dress, shirt or a kimono, they can make a stylish fashion statement with your favourite accessories.

Nothing can beat the comfort of loose clothes, as tight-fitting clothes are uncomfortable during summers. The prolonged contact of fabric with skin leads to sweating which further cause infections. Hence, loose, flowy clothing can keep you stay cooler by allowing your skin to breathe. You can take inspiration from the early ’90s and add some funky flair to your blouses or dresses.

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With all these, a great statement bag making a big splash against your outfit can make a difference. Also, remember, the ultimate key to be unique in the crowd is to be confident in your look. So, wear what you want and own it with your personal style. #KhabarLive