The security at the perimeter wall at RGIA has been tightened restricting movements of persons near the wall. A red alert had been sounded at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Shamshabad along with other major airports in the country, in the wake of tense situation on borders between India and Pakistan.

Following the alert, anti-terror mechanism and counter-terrorist plans have been fully activated at the airports, confirmed a senior official of Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), New Delhi. The security at the perimeter wall at RGIA had been tightened restricting movements of persons near the wall.

Instructions were given to the CISF personnel operating scanners and those frisking passengers with hand-held metal detectors and door-frame metal detectors to be extra vigilant while screening flyers at the entrances. “We have asked our men to detain those found to be moving suspiciously inside and outside the airport,” the official said adding that patrolling outside RGIA was also intensified. The private security personnel at the airport along with the CISF, Quick Reaction Teams (QRTs) and Cyberabad police were taking care of the security at RGIA.

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The official said priority had been accorded to passenger profiling and in case anyone was found to be suspicious, they would be rounded up for questioning. He said a National Security Guards (NSG) team, posted round-the-clock at the airport to tackle any terror-related activity, would be an added advantage.

“We are fully equipped to deal with any situation at airports,” the official said. On their part, the Cyberabad police were not allowing touts, who were illegally picking up passengers at the airport keeping in view the volatile situation on borders. A few weeks ago, the police conducted a search operation at RGIA and detained more than a dozen taxi operators, who were operating unauthorizedly.

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The police were continuing the drive against the touts at the airport. A request was also made to passengers to arrive at the airport early as they must undergo additional security checking because of the current situation on borders. #KhabarLive

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