These days, many can’t imagine a ‘daawat without daaru’ or being sober when one is extremely happy or sad. More or less, alcohol has become the norm in a celebration, especially when a group of friends meet and gradually the use of alcohol is becoming synonymous with the celebration.

At a time when the ‘daaru’ culture’s wider acceptance is not being considered an issue, Zindagi Images, a city-based group is trying to create a buzz through an anti-liquor campaign with the name ‘daawat without daaru’.

To promote that alcohol is not cool and there are other healthy alternatives to party, the group is working on the issue by running an awareness campaign. “The issue is neglected by all sections of people and even well-read people are also getting addicted. It is slowly becoming a culture and it will be hard to get rid of it once it becomes a culture,” says Chegondi Chandrashekar who started the movement.

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The group believes that the status of a celebration should not be measured by the usage of alcohol. Chandrashekar says that when a group of friends gather, the non-alcoholic friend usually stands isolated and with an inferiority feeling rather than getting appreciated for having a control on his or her senses. “Alcoholism became glamorous and an entertainment quotient, especially for young people and they are getting addicted,” he adds.

Chandrashekar points out that many are using alcohol just as an excuse to come out of stress and he questions how women who work more harder and more stressed are not getting addicted to alcohol. “We want to make alcohol unacceptable in public places like how smoking was made, which solves 50 per cent of the problem,” he says.

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Through the campaign, they are gathering the teetotalers to convey the view that a celebration without alcohol has a right value where one can have spirited conversations and spend quality time. The group is also trying to show alternatives to people who derive gratification only from a drink.

Impressed by the efforts, Desi Dibba, a restaurant in Madhapur, extended its support to the cause. Also, some people have taken up the challenge by posting pictures of their ‘daawat without daaru’ on social media. #KhabarLive