Unusual footage on #KhabarLive shows the parched snake letting a man give it a drink from a bottle. The serpent slithers up to the villagers and sticks out its tongue to take the water. Snake had been spotted in the well by a man out walking in Telangana.

Heartwarming footage shows a parched cobra accepting water being poured into its mouth from a bottle by villagers after they rescued it from a dry well.

The clip, taken in Telangana, shows the snake slithering up to the snake lover and sticking out its tongue to drink the liquid. The snake is said to have been spotted in a dry well by a man who was taking a walk through the village on a hot day.

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One of the children in the background can be heard saying, ‘look the snake is drinking water.’

Cobras by nature, generally hiss and take a prideful stance when they come into contact with humans, especially when threatened.

They can inject venom into flesh with a painful bite and can also spit toxins at a distance of two or three metres.

A bite from a cobra is said to be very painful and can have a potentially fatal effect and can cause paralysis and respiratory failure.

The cobra appeared to have slithered over to the villagers to drink water after it became trapped in a dry well. The Indian Hindu devotees consider cobras as goddess’ and offer milk as a religious tradition, but experts say that snakes gets infected with pneumonia after drinking milk and die within a few days.

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The man who rescued the snake said #KhabarLive: ‘Snakes are to be preserved and it is very important for everyone to save snakes as it is beneficial for the environment, please do not offer milk to a snake as it causes pneumonia and kills it a few days later. #KhabarLive