Are you struggling to find a complete Internet plan that suits both your streaming and sharing habits? Symmetrical speeds and broadband plans may be just what you’ve been searching for.

By definition, symmetrical Internet allows you to upload and download data at equal speeds. Most Internet providers only offer asymmetrical speeds, where the upload speed is a fraction of the download speed.

Today, heavy Internet users are just as likely to upload as much as they download. In fact, the technology market research firm IDC reported in a study that more than 20 percent of broadband households are “power users” who are frequently online, uploading nearly as much content as they download.

It’s not just “power users” who can benefit from symmetrical speeds. In fact, many “average” Internet users regularly utilize websites that require faster overall speeds. Keeping in mind that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, 70 million photos shared per day on Instagram and over 350 million new photos uploaded to Facebook each day, it is clear upload speeds are equally important to typical Internet broadband users.

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Den Broadband just recently announced the roll-out of symmetrical Internet speeds on their platform. DEN broadband customers can now enjoy symmetrical Internet up to 150 Megs.

“Customers have been asking for faster upload speeds for access to the cloud, gaming and streaming applications, and DEN is committed to fulfilling those needs”.

So what does this mean for the average household connected to a DEN broadband connection?

• 30/30 Mbps: Ensure your online experience is fast and fun. Surf, stream and play online games with ease. This service offering is ideal for everyday Web browsing and multimedia streaming, social media/messaging and managing email on up to three devices at once.

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• 50/50 Mbps: Experience fast downloads and streaming with the extra power to reduce buffering and lag time. Plus, you’ll be able to keep everyone happy on all devices, as this symmetrical speed offering supports up to five online devices at the same time. This speed tier will also provide users smoother video with multiple HD streams, quick file and photo sharing, and more intense gaming.

• 75/75 Mbps: Perfect for streaming content at blazing speeds on up to seven devices at once, with plenty of power for file sharing and gaming. In fact, it’s a great solution for uploading and sharing videos as well as high-performance gaming and streaming.

• 100/100 Mbps: With this speed, you’ll experience some seriously fast speed to power through all your online activities on more than seven devices at once. This speed is optimal for video sharing and conferencing, fast movies with many simultaneous HD streams, and high-performance online gaming with multiple users.

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• 150/150 Mbps: If you desire super-fast cloud uploads and downloads, video streaming, conferencing, immersive online gaming, and all-around Web surfing on more than seven online devices at once, 150/150 Mbps is for you. With 150/150 Mbps your entire household can enjoy breakthrough speeds for seamless streaming, video sharing and conferencing, and intense multi-player online gaming.

Whether you’re a photo junkie who loves to share favorite moments with family and friends, a cloud storage aficionado, or a gamer ready to crush your competition, you’re bound to enjoy the perks of symmetrical speeds. Frontier is pleased to offer our DEN Internet customers these high-speed options and price plans that complete your digital lifestyle.

For more information about DEN broadband symmetrical speeds visit here#KhabarLive

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