In Keeping With Scentido’s Reputation Of Introducing Ultra-Luxury Brands, The Spirit Of Dubai Presented Its Collection Of 15 Varieties That Came With Avant-Garde, Bejewelled Packaging.

Inspiration, celebration, tribute, luxury, all in a bottle. That perhaps best describes The Spirit of Dubai fragrances.

Last year, the brand made headlines when it created the most expensive perfume in the world, Shumukh that came embedded with 3,571 diamonds and precious gemstones. And this year, it is in India. Founded in 2015 by Asghar Adam Ali, the brand that is a beautiful blend of the traditional and the cosmopolitan, will be available exclusively at Scentido India.

With 15 out-of-the-world fragrances on board to offer, the bottles encapsulate ‘one’ outstanding aspect of the city of Dubai. Now, if you’re a perfume connoisseur, and this has invoked your curiosity, then here’s some more on the newly-launched line. The first eight fragrances are a niche collection labelled ‘First Generation’ that represent a different attribute of the city of Dubai from its undulating beaches, sky-high towers to its reputation as a playground for the rich and famous.

While the other seven fragrances are part of an ultra-niche collection called the ‘Second Generation.’ This collection is unique in terms of building upon each of the earlier fragrances keeping in mind the same attributes that drive the thriving metropolis of Dubai – innovation, world-class quality, luxury, utmost creativity and craftsmanship.

As the brand is set to expand their reach in India, #KhabarLive caught up with Spokesperson, Mustafa Adam Ali, Vice Chairman, and son of founder Asghar Adam Ali, on the occasion, to delve a little deeper into the brand.

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Tell us about the inspiration behind The Spirit of Dubai Fragrances…
The inspiration is in the name, Dubai, the city of Dubai. Twenty five years ago, my father had launched a perfume by the name ‘Dubai’ which was one single perfume, that we launched in the firstshopping festival of Dubai. Fast forwarding 25 years, now we have created a brand called ‘The Spirit of Dubai’. The brand itself is a very genius brand, it is very out-of-the-box, a concept no one has done before where we have taken the elements of Dubai, what made Dubai, which were the fundamentals of Dubai to grow on.

We took the major elements of Dubai, the sea which is ‘Bahar’, the dunes which is ‘Rimal’, ‘Turath’ which is the heritage of Dubai, then we go to ‘Abraj’ which is the skyline of Dubai then we talk about ‘Meydan’ which are the fields where the Arabian horses run then we wanted to associate it with something which is more natural so we came up with the ingredient which the Arabs love, though it is not grown or available in Dubai we have used the most natural and rarest ingredient from India which is the Indian agar oud and this is a 20 year old species and it is very rare. The seventh element of Dubai made everything, Dubai made the tallest tower, the 7 star hotels, and they have made monumental waterfalls and fountains.

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Dubai made everything which is called ‘Fakhama’ which means luxury. The last element is called ‘Majalis’. It is an element of socializing and how Arabs socialize where they serve tea, coffee, dates so we made a perfume revolving around that. It is a brand where we have created the elements and the scents which are representing those elements in the complete true form and of course keeping the persona of what Dubai is.

There was no compromise on the quality, ingredients, all the perfumes have natural ingredients that are bespoke to you, rather than smelling the same on everyone. So, when you smell The Spirit of Dubai fragrances, they would react completely different to you and me and that’s why our fragrances are also unisex.

Throw light on the kind of ingredients that goes in
Nothing in Dubai is organic or natural. To work around this, we too source our ingredients from across the globe. But we make sure we get our ingredients only from the best sellers. For instance, the amber that we have is among the rarest. We know the ABCs of the ingredients and that comes only with experience and knowledge. So, while sourcing ingredients was easy, making sure they are of top-notch quality was the real challenge.

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Your recommendations for 5 different occasions from the line.
Personally, I don’t follow fragrances for occasion, all the fragrances from the brand can be used every day. Though I prefer layering my scents, so, I will usually combine 2-3 scents from the collections to create my unique signature scent. Also, all fragrances in the range are unisex and can be used at all occasions.

How have customer preferences changed over the years?
Customer preferences have not changed, but today, with gadgets the world has become a smaller place because things are now available more easily. So, right now, it is all about educating the customer that what he was buying or what he used to buy for the past years now there are things available with higher quality and ingredients and higher things which he didn’t know or wasn’t aware of during his journey of perfumery.

So, who’s your target audience in India?
The target audience is everybody who wants to graduate from what they were doing before and what they want to buy now. The Spirit of Dubai is just right for the Indian market, because there are people who want to pay and buy things worth their money so people who understand the quality are buying a jewel or a perfume which is worth every penny they spend.

(The Spirit of Dubai is available exclusively at Scentido Niche Perfumery stores in Mumbai, New Delhi, and online.) #KhabarLive