The lockdown period has pushed many lives into trouble. It is not just with respect to the daily labor those have lost their wages, but also the software professionals those may end up with losing jobs for damaging their gadgets like mobiles and laptops.

“We are fighting like warriors to safeguard our jobs by working from home. We only pray everyday that we shouldn’t hear anything bad from our employers. But still if the time ditches us, we can do nothing.

My friend is a bachelor living as a tenant in the penthouse of an independent house in Hyderabad. He is working from home on his laptop. Suddenly his laptop started malfunctioning and in a day it got switched off. He tried for some alternative for two days but his attempts turned futile.

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On the fourth day, knowing about this, his employer has warned him that if he gets back to work in another two days ok, otherwise he will be sacked.

There is no one repair any gadget and it is difficult to move out to fetch something in lockdown time. So be careful with gadgets”, says Parveen, an engineering student from Vizag.

“Our neighbor’s TV is damaged. They tried and came to conclusion that it cannot be repaired in lockdown time. They are addicted to TV serials. They have asked us if they can sit in our flat to watch TV. But we denied as it foils the social distancing rule. We pity them but cannot help”, says Madhumati from Bachupally in Hyderabad.

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“My friend lives in a hostel in Hyderabad. His native place is Ongole. Accidentally his smartphone has drowned in water and stopped functioning. He is going mad now. He has no communication with his friends. He is managing to call his parents every day from his other roommate’s mobile phone. How painful the situation will be? He used to spend time watching youtube on his mobile”, says Raju, a student from Vizag.

“The plight of our apartment was pitiful for four days. The motor that lifts the water from our sump has stopped functioning. The 40 families in our building haven’t taken bath or washed clothes for four days.

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We managed with two buckets of water per flat per day donated by our neighboring apartment. Finally, we managed to get a plumber to get it repaired. He said we are lucky because the repair didn’t demand for any spare parts.

Had that been the case, we may have continued our drought lives throughout the lockdown”, said Lakshman Reddy from Hyderabad.

So, this is needless to say that everyone has to keep their gadgets safe and use them with extra care in this lockdown period. #KhabarLive