These pictures offer a glimpse into the lives of the former owners of this house! Abandoned houses are everywhere, but discovering an abandoned house that has been left untouched since the 1950’s is very special. This dilapidated house was discovered in Nallamalla forests in Andhra Pradesh by an forest explorer.

And looking inside the house, at the furniture is like stepping into a time machine; the old school interior immediately makes you feel like you’re living in the past! Looking at these photographs is like a tantalizing glimpse into the lives of the former owners.

Are you ready to step back in time and see this house from the inside? Let’s see in detail.

The medicine cabinet 
You can clearly see it’s been a long time since the stuff inside of this cabinet has last been used or touched. And what happened to that box on the bottom shelf? Mice? In any case, it’s fun to see what these people used back in the day. Fun detail: most of the brands found inside the cabinet still exist nowadays. That’s pretty cool, right?

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Shaving supplies
Even the shaving supplies used by the man of the house are still intact. We love the old school look of this picture! We wouldn’t recommend using that razor, though…

Old perfume
The urban explored also found a collection of very old perfume. We wonder what these smell like! We also wonder why these people left all of their things behind. What happened in this house? Why has no one come in here since the 1950s? It’s a true mystery!

Book room 
Upstairs, every room was filled with piles and piles of books. There are books on addiction, Jesus, and war as well as a ton of old newspapers and magazines. What a collection! Have all those books been read, do you think? Why did they collect them? We’ve got so many questions!

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They also found handwritten letters. Unfortunately, we have no clue about the contents of the letters. We’d love to know what’s in them! They look super interesting…

The state in which this bedroom was found is very impressive. The photographer said that making a picture was almost a mission impossible due to all the stacks of books. We love the look of this room! And that bed… It looks so comfy!

The piano was a little dusty when they found it. This room looks a little crowded but we like it nonetheless. There’s something about the atmosphere that has hooked us! It’s like we’ve gone back in time.

Display cabinet
This display cabinet accommodates little china cats, glasses, and floral teacups. How lovely that all of those china figures have survived all of these years! They look so cute! We wonder what will happen to them…

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Coolest thing ever: all the products were still in their original packaging. We love it! It’s so amazing that a house like this exists!

This is the stove with a bunch of kitchen supplies. We have to admit the stove does look pretty gross. Are those 50-year-old food scraps? Yikes…

The dressing table in the bathroom displayed outdated toiletries. Inside the drawers, a box stuffed with hats, jewellery and photo albums was found. We do wonder why the dressing table was placed here in the bathroom, though. It looks a little out of place there next to the bathtub.

It’s amazing that such a house actually existed all this time without anybody knowing about it! It’s like a true time capsule and we love it! #KhabarLive #hydnews