The recently inaugurated reservoir, about 45 km from the city, turns into a crowd puller with its lush green farms on the lower side and water on the other side.
If you are looking for a quick getaway to break the monotony of the lockdown, the Kondapochamma reservoir in Markook mandal of Siddipet district is an ideal destination. It is about 45 km from the Hyderabad, just a few kilometers away from the Warangal Saraswathi Temple arch on the main road.
People visiting the Shamirpet lake will have to travel an additional 15 km or so on the Karimnagar highway to reach this place.
The newly built reservoir, which Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao inaugurated in the last week of May, is clean, serene and has a fewer number of people visiting it. Though construction activity is on, people are allowed to move around on the periphery of the circular bund.
Cars and two-wheelers are allowed here. The place looks picturesque with lush green farms on the lower side and water on the other side. The place, with a well laid out road, is sure to appeal to the shutterbugs.
The bird calls-filled breeze is sometimes replaced with the clatter of earthmovers working further down. A view from the top reflects the advancements happening in agriculture and horticulture. There is a string of poly houses, the white- the semi-transparent tent-like structures in which crops are grown in controlled conditions. Protection from the birds and pests apart, these poly houses ensure that only the right amount of sunlight reaches the plants.
The place provides ample photo and video opportunities. However, there are no cafes or any other store nearby and an odd ice cream cart or two and corn vendors are available.
What is the project about?
Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir is another milestone in the multi-stage Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS). This is a component of the efforts the Telangana government is to make the Godavari a live river all through the year over a stretch of 274 km.
Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir receives water from the Markook surge pool, which in turn receives water from Akkaram pump-house.
The 15.8 km- Kondapochamm Sagar has a capacity of 15 tmc. This one was built at a cost of Rs 1,668.55 crore and has a water spread area of 17.027 sqkm. Its full-reservoir level is 618 m and is envisaged to provide irrigation to 2,85,280 acres of ayacut through 13 canals.
While driving from Gauraram towards Markook, one can see the work happening on the canals.
How to reach?
In normal times, the place is well connected by buses. Buses heading towards Gajwel, Siddipet, and Karimnagar can be taken while traveling from the Secunderabad side. Depending on the rush, shuttle autos to operate. Now, it is advisable to travel in private vehicles to adhere to physical distance guidelines. There are many dhabas on the main road, which are known to whip up spicy dishes on demand. #KhabarLive #hydnews
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