The proposed iconic building of Telangana Secretariat will be perhaps the first ‘Covid-proof’ building, according to Oscar and Ponni Architects who designed the mammoth structure.

In an exclusive interview to #KhabarLive, the ‘Architect Company’ heads Oscar G Concessao and Ponni M Concessao said, “We are looking into the technology to be adopted to make the building a covid-proof structure”. Ponni explained the reasons for the creation of lots of courtyards, bringing in nature close to administration and use of sustainable technology which, he said, would help develop a covid-resistant structure.

As a reputed ‘Architect Company’ in the country as well as in some parts of the world, she said, “We have to take care of future pandemics in the construction of buildings and designing new architectural monuments”.

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The architects elaborated the use of smart technology and facilities to be created in the new Secretariat. As suggested by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, 80 per cent of the 25 acres of available land would be dedicated to landscaping and the remaining 20 per cent will be used for the construction of 6-floor building. The CM accorded top priority to Vastu, Zoning and landscaping and in line of the Chief Minister’s thought, the building design was finalised, they said.

The Secretariat will have three entrances from East, North and South sides. Elevated podium, Hall of Telangana and grand ramp showcasing unique culture of all 33 districts and works were also included in the design. Archives, media room, visitor rooms, conference halls and a big cabinet room will be there, Ponni said, adding that “as a whole, the design is the fusion and synthesis of political, social, historical and belief systems of Telangana and finally it reflects the aspirations the state people.”

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Separate parking facilities will be created for the CM, Ministers, officials and visitors. A high-tech CMO office would be developed on the sixth floor and the ministers and top official chambers will be created in the fifth and fourth floors. Oscar said as advanced technology is being used in the construction of the new Secretariat, it will help reduce the use of power and encourage natural air conditioning.

A cost-effective, pre-casting technology will be used to minimise the labour in the prevailing corona scare. As part of ‘Make in India’ initiative, local resources will be used more in the construction of the Secretariat building. Ponni is confident of completing the project within a year. #KhabarLive #hydnews

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