Pandemic of Corona virus can’t stop you from travelling out, here are 10 best things you can do to travel inside your home and enjoy the feeling of travel your favourite!

Go on a Virtual Tour
Virtual trips are gaining popularity now a days, specially at present due to covid crisis. There are several virtual tour websites providing this services. Websites like airpano.com and visionic360.com provied a 360° panoramic view of some of the most famous cities and places from all around the world.

Travel in YouTube
YouTube is yet another place where you can watch neumerous travel videos of people and places from all across the globe. Virtual reality vedios are also available in YouTube which takes you to your favourite destination without letting you to step outside your house. All you need is internet and time!

Travel Shows
If you want more of a professional tour with a guide than turn on to some of the most popular travel channels on your TV and watch some of the best travel shows available. My suggestion would be travel XP and Foxtraveller both of which have wide variety of travel shows to watch. You can also find some of the shows even on National Geography and history channel.

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Watch Travel Movies
Watch a travel movie on netflix. Watching a travel movie is a combo entertainment, not only will you tavel but you will travel with the story that is in it. Some of the best travel movies are The Bucket List, Into The Wild and Edie etc.

Novels and Books
Reading a travel novel is the best thing you can do, a travel book can transform and inspire just as the journey itself can do. Personally ‘the alchemist’ writte by paulo choelho really took me into a different world. ‘The Rings of Saturn’ by W.G Sebald and ‘The Art of Travel’ by Alain de Bottom’ gives you a purpose for travelling.

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Virtual Travel Apps
Download some of the best rated apps that give you a virtual trip experience and get going. There are many apps for this purpose but only some of them are good, but ultimately it depends on individual preferences and choices.

Read Blogs and Stories
Read travel stories from other people’s travel experiences through their travel blogs and websites. This gives a first hand information and sight into the places and it’s significance. Not only reading these will give you pleasure but will inspire the writer to write more.

Follow some good accounts on Instagram. Search for people who have travelled some place and who are genuine, this will not only introduce you to new places but helps you to learn more about new culture, cities and places based on your taste.

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Visit Flash Back
Yes, you heard me right; just go through the photos and videos of the trips and tours you had till now, this lets you to go back to the places once again in your mind and experience hidden joy that you were unable to enjoy in the real trip.

Plan a Trip
Sounds weird? It is said that if your done with planning; you have reached half your goal. By preparing a detailed plan for the places you want to visit you are already starting to travel and your halfway through. It gives you a sense of hope and peace during this covid crisis.

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