Sport is a huge part of everyday life in India. The issues that were brought about by the global pandemic temporarily took live sport away as restrictions were put in place, in India and across the world. 

This deprived Indian sports fans of the ability to watch sports like cricket and tennis. It also made it more difficult for people to bet on sport in the country. This has created a major dent in the betting industry which had previously been growing significantly. As an expert who works for JustGamblers India said, 

“...betting has burst onto the online gaming scene for cricket, horse racing, poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, sports, and more.”

The good news is that sport is starting to return. So, which sports are now coming back to bring joy to fans and the betting industry?


International cricket is showing signs of making a return as Sri Lanka and England players return to training, with restrictions in place. The West Indies Tour of England is expected to be the first International action to take place since the resumption of the sport. The series starts on 8 July and will take place without any spectators. 

As far as the IPL goes, things are a little more uncertain. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is waiting on a decision regarding the T20 World Cup which is due to take place in Australia in October/November. 

Depending on what decision is made, the IPL could happen in September. However, the venue is still up for debate. Some people have suggested that the tournament could take place in Mumbai but the UAE and Sri Lanka and are also being considered. 


Although Euro 2020 has been postponed until next year, domestic football has already returned in many countries. The major domestic leagues that have returned include La Liga, The Bundesliga, Serie A and the English Premier League. 

French and Dutch football fans have not been so lucky. There has been no return of the sport in those countries. 


The situation regarding the return of tennis has been mixed so far. There was a great deal of concern around the Adria Tour which was organised by Novak Djokovic. This concern seemed to be justified after Djokovic and other players tested positive for COVID-19. 

However, this has not stopped plans for other tennis tournaments to go ahead this year. The French Open will take place later than usual, in September. Organisers are planning to allow around 60% of normal capacity when it comes to spectators and people will only be allowed to sit in groups of a maximum of four people. 

The US Open is also planned to take place as usual, starting at the end of August. However, top players like Serena Williams have expressed concerns about this arrangement, so the situation may change. 

2020 has certainly been a disappointing year for many sports fans and bettors due to a lack of live sporting activity. However, this situation is starting to change as sports like cricket, football and tennis begin to return. #KhabarLive #hydnews 

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