The contradictory statements from the Telangana chief minister’s office and the TRS leaders over the demolition of two mosques and a temple within the premises of old secretariat complex have landed CM KCR in an embarrassing position.

Especially with regard to the demolition of mosques, there was a strong protest from the Muslim groups, which issued a statement strongly condemning the move.

They alleged that the TRS government had not consulted the Muslim religious leaders before the demolition of mosques, since any attempt to raze the places of worship was against the Islamic rules.

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It was also an embarrassment to Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen president and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi who claims to be a close friend of KCR.

Several Muslim groups suspected that Owaisi was aware of the demolitions. So, Owaisi also was forced to issue a statement condemning the demolitions.

Under pressure from Owaisi, KCR issued a statement the following day stating that the mosques were damaged inadvertently during the demolition of official buildings.

“I came to know that, while demolishing the multi-storeyed old buildings, the temple and mosque adjacent to the old buildings were damaged due to fall of the debris on them,” he said.

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Expressing regrets over the incident, the chief minister said the mosques and temple should not have happened.

“The government’s intention is to build a new complex by demolishing the old buildings without causing any damage to the temple or the Mosque,” the CM clarified.

But within a day, the TRS leaders including Danam Nagender and Mayor Bonthu Ram Mohan held a press conference and clarified that the chief minister had consulted religious leaders before demolition of places of worship in the secretariat complex and had given assurances to people to reconstruct them along with the new integrated Secretariat complex.

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Rebutting the allegations of the opposition parties on demolition of old buildings in the State Secretariat complex, the TRS leaders said the opposition parties were misleading the High Court and also people of the State.

This makes wonder whether KCR had consulted the MIM leaders before the demolition. But with other Muslim leaders raising objection, he said the mosques were damaged due to fall of debris. #KhabarLive #hydnews