The most leading NIVEA, the World’s No. 1 Skin Care brand*, announced the launch of an innovative new product in the category of deodorants with milk as the hero ingredient – NIVEA DEO MILK Deodorants. The new product consists of a composition of ingredients with a skincare formula for the ultimate underarm care.

Women have several concerns when it comes to their underarm skin. Their problems vary from skin irritation, burning, itching, rashes, patchiness, sweating, and odor. While there are multiple options to take care of odor with deodorants and perfumes; there are limited products that take care of underarm skin. Most women believe that their underarms go through harsh treatments on a regular basis with waxing and shaving, that can affect their underarm skin and lead to irritation, itching, patchiness, redness, and rashes. Some women even prefer more natural remedies when it comes to her deodorants as they feel the product, they are currently using may be harmful due to the chemicals in them. But busy schedules leave them with little time to try out home solutions.

NIVEA India has launched a superior offering in the category of deodorants and roll-ons for fragrant, beautiful, and nourished underarms.

Owing to its unique formula enriched with precious milk essence, NIVEA Deo Milk gives consumers what they seek from their deodorants – fragrant, beautiful, and nourished underarms. For the consumer, it is important that her underarms look good as they affect her daily life – how she dresses and whether she is conscious or confident all day. The #MadeToCare campaign by NIVEA India aims to help women feel their confident best while having underarms that look, feel, and smell good.

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The new NIVEA Deo Milk range consists of three variants – Fresh, Sensitive and Dry that comes in a spray and roll-on application. All three variants are available at MRP 225 (Deodorant Spray 150 ml & Roll-On 40 ml). The new NIVEA Deo Milk contains the natural goodness of milk essence and provides 48 hours of odor protection with 0% alcohol.

Speaking on the new launch, Sachin Killawala, Marketing Director, NIVEA India said, “For us at NIVEA, skin always comes first. And with skin as a priority, a deodorant that gives your skin the care it deserves naturally follows. With the new NIVEA Deo Milk range, we have provided the ultimate caring ingredient for skin – Milk – in a deodorant; giving your underarms the ultimate care.” #KhabarLive #hydnews